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3 thoughts on “Who keeps the bridge toll money?

  1. So when will the bonds reach retirement age and when can we look forward to the end of the toll? Just curious!!

  2. Carol asked where the money from the “Good to Go” accounts is kept and who gets the interest. This is a serious question that was not answered here. There are now almost 100,000 Good to Go accounts and over 250,000 transponders in use. Each account is required to pre-pay a minimum of $30 for each account. If you only use the $30 minimum then there is a $3 million (yes $3 million) pool of money out there somewhere? That’s the question Carol asked! But, as is typical with the Department of Transportation they choose to answer a different question – one that was not even asked. Shame on you, Travis Baker, for allowing the DOT to side step this quetion. You’re usually better then that.

  3. “Interest is accrued on toll revenue, including the prepaid Good to Go! accounts, and has been dedicated to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge account.” What part of that don’t you understand, Randy? The ‘pool of money’ is ‘toll revenue.’ ‘Toll revenue’ interest, including the interest on that pool of momey, goes to the bridge.

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