Contradictory signs at Forest Rock and Highway 305

The in basket: Larry Blaine of Poulsbo says he’s happy that the extension of Seventh Avenue into Forest Rock Lane at Highway 305 has been opened, but says there have been conflicting directions for westbound drivers at the intersection of Forest Rock and Highway 305. 
“The lane marking for the left lane is ‘left only,’ and the lane marking for the right lane is ‘thru or right,'” he said. “But the sign on the signal for the right lane says ‘right turn only,’ and there are no signs on the signals for the left lanes.  “Saturday I waited in the right lane to go straight ahead and had several drivers behind me (justifiably) mad at me for not turning,” he said. 
“I realize the markings are only temporary – but before they become permanent, I suggest that the left lane be marked ‘left or thru’ and the right lane ‘right only,’ since that is the direction most people turn when using the intersection,” Larry said.
The out basket: It may be fixed by now. Andrzej Kasiniak, Poulsbo’s city engineer, mentioned it to the state after I passed on Larry’s complaint and Andrjez said the signs were correct when Seventh Avenue was barricaded and through traffic wasn’t an option. The contract for the state’s widening project omitted removal of the “right turn only” sign when Seventh opened, he said.
They’ll be removing it soon if it hasn’t already been done, he said. That’s not the alignment Larry favored, but it won’t contradict the pavement markings.

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