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3 thoughts on “A new day in toll collecting Saturday

  1. Sounds like a very complicated way to try to get more revenue for the state.
    Most people not from the area there will not pay attention until one day they go to the area and go through and are charged when they should not be… administrative nightmare that is being shifted to the public’s responsibility and cost of buying and making sure a shield is in place and taken off in different places — will only get more complicated as they do this to other lanes.

  2. “Depending on how badly the highway is congested.” So what criteria will they be using to figure that out. 7-8 cars in the other lanes not congestion, but over 8 is? Will someone be sitting at the cameras, moving the price up and down like the stock market as Queen Christine decides on whether it should be an elevated or tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct? Or, maybe it will start at $.50 and cycle through to $9 on a 20-minute intervals to funnel money to the Family paid leave program. Man, this could go so many ways. Christine call me.

  3. I (the Road Warrior) didn’t make this clear in the original column. Rather than congestion in the other lanes, it will be congestion in the HOT lane that governs the amount of the toll. The state wants traffic in the HOT lane to move at at least 45 mph. If it slows below that, the price will go up to make it worthwhile to fewer people to pay to use it.

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