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2 thoughts on “Jonathan Franzen, “Freedom” and Big Flippin’ Deal Book Syndrome

  1. I shouldn’t admit this, but I failed to notice that “Freedom” was the same book involved in the presidential embargo break. I did, however, put it on my to-read list after reading the Economist’s review (http://www.economist.com/node/16886055), even if I do cringe at anything being proclaimed “the great American novel.” I’m a sucker for magazine reviews, especially when links to them are conveniently timed to appear in Twitter on my lunch break.

  2. I stopped by Eagle Harbor Book Co. today, and Paul Hanson, the manager, told me that a number of people stopped by the store when the Obama whoop-de-doo broke, and thought that since the president got a copy, the Tuesday sales embargo was pretty well broken and that they should be able to buy a copy. But Eagle Harbor held fast to the prescribed release date.

    When I stopped in about 5 p.m., there were plenty of copies of “Freedom” on hand. I asked if there had been much of a rush; not really, he replied. I mentioned that much of the hype had been East Coast-centric, and Hanson nodded. “Now that I think about it, most of the people who asked for it were from the East Coast,” he said.

    Earlier in the day, I bought a copy at Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo. I had reserved a copy a few weeks before, thinking there would be a rush. When I walked into the store, I mentioned that to the girl behind the counter, who merely pointed to the front table. “Um, you can just grab one there,” she said, pointing to a stack of at least half a dozen.

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