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Snowplows in July

With weather in the 70s and 80s, sunny with the occasional summer thunderstorm, snow and ice may be the last things on our minds. But when frigid, dark days close in on us, we can take comfort from knowing that four of Kitsap County’s snowplow blades now sport works of art created by local schoolchildren.

Students from Manchester, Brownsville, Green Mountain and Breidablik elementary schools were selected by county public works officials in May from among 14 competing schools to decorate the plow blades. The contest was modeled after similar competitions in other jursidictions around the United States. Teachers  used the art project as a teaching opportunity, according to Anne Giantvalley, a teacher at Manchester Elementary. The students got a field trip to the public works department. They submitted drawings, then the classes involved voted on their favorite designs, which were chosen for transfer to the snow removal equipment. When it came time to paint, the county brought the blank canvass blades to each school.

“Our students learned about design and had to work collaboratively to complete the painting in a limited time in some inclement weather too,” Giantvalley said. “Students also had the opportunity to see the truck bring the blade and unload it – quite fascinating.”

We may not need it now, but tuck this link to the county’s snow removal plan in your bookmark bar for when the snowflakes start to fall. Now, get out and soak up the sun while it’s here.

County map shows priority plow routes

In case you missed it on Kitsap County’s website, here is a map showing the county’s plan for keeping roads open during snow.

Red routes showing the main roads are given high priority. The county’s goal is to get and keep them open within the first 36 hours.
“Primary roads provide the highest degree of mobility, serve major centers of activity, and are high traffic volume links between suburban centers and outlying communities. Crews plow and sand primary roads first, and continue until they are clear. When primary roads are clear crews move to secondary roads.”

Blue routes are secondary. The county gets to them as they are able, but within the first 36 hours, if snow continues to fall, they’ll focus on the primary routes.
Secondary routes “link local communities with primary roads. Secondary roads may enter residential neighborhoods, provide direct property access, and move traffic from primary roads to local access roads.”

“Local access roads serve residential single family homes, multiple dwelling developments, commercial business offices, and industrial development. They also provide access to developments from secondary roads, and provide circulation through neighborhoods. Crews work on local access roads after primary and secondary roads are cleared.”

County Plow Map

Poulsbo in picture-perfect pose

Bruce Bryant of Poulsbo has set up a webcam overlooking Poulsbo from somewhere high in the hills near Raab Park.

I, for one, will be checking it a lot today. The sun is shining brightly in Bremerton right now (3:24 p.m., Saturday). I just returned from Silverdale, where it was also a sunny, sunny day. The picture in Poulsbo, though, is a little gray. And they were snowed on earlier.

Feel free to let us know if you see snow at your house, or anywhere you’re traveling. Of course I’m most interested in Kitsap weather, but if you’re in Iowa or something I wouldn’t stop you from chiming in.