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Coffee vendor coming to Manchester dock

Boaters in Manchester will soon be able to fuel up on caffeine as they launch at the Manchester dock. The Port of Manchester Board of Commissioners has given approval for a coffee and muffin vendor to sell her wares from the early morning to mid-afternoon on days to be announced. The port had to get special permission from the state’s Recreation and Conservation Office, which has given it recreation grants, said Commissioner Jim Strode.

The addition of the vendor, which is seen as a potential draw for visitors to Manchester, was discussed by the Port Advisory Committee, Strode said. The committee also has recommended allowing South Kitsap Helpline to sell flowers, vegetables and plant starts at the Manchester Library one day a week.

Helpline owns the old Port Orchard Nursery property and grows plants in the greenhouses to help fund its food bank operations. Helpline’s application to the Port Orchard Farmers Market was declined, because the market does not allow vendors with storefronts. Helpline also sells its wares on the nursery property, but Executive Director Jennifer Hardison said they need to expand to increase their revenue.

Helpline is selling at the Bremerton Farmers market on Thursdays and has secured a sidewalk space in Port Orchard outside Bay Street Custom Picture Framing on Saturdays, the same day as the Port Orchard Farmer’s Market. Permission to sell there was granted from the building owner, Hardison said.

The port commissioners will discuss having Helpline sell in Manchester at its meeting at 6 p.m. Monday at the Manchester Library. The likely day for sales would be Sunday, when it would not conflict with library traffic, Strode said. Port meetings are open to the public.

Helpline is hoping to upgrade its greenhouses from costly oil heat to more efficient natural gas so that they can grow throughout the year, Hardison said. They have signed a letter of intent with Don Ryan, who plans to open an indoor Pike Place-style market in downtown Port Orchard this summer.


Manchester dock closed Thursday for south dock replacement

Note, 4:10 p.m. Wednesday: Just got word that weather Thursday, with high swells, will prevent installation of the dock, which has been rescheduled to Friday.

The Manchester dock and boat launch facility will be closed Thursday as the Port of Manchester replaces the south dock.
Both the north and south docks will be off limits so crews from Marine Floats of Tacoma have room the maneuver, said Dennis O’Connell the port’s contract administrator. The north dock will reopen Saturday, if all goes well.
Both the north and south docks will be off limits Thursday, as crews from Marine Floats of Tacoma need room the maneuver, said Dennis O’Connell the port’s contract administrator. The north dock will reopen on Friday, and both docks will be open for the weekend, if all goes well.
The port commission approved the contract with Marine Floats in June to replace the deteriorating south dock, installed in 1996. A grant from the state’s Recreation and Conservation Office covered 75 percent of the total cost, $128,954. The port contributed a 25 percent grant match, covered through its property tax levy and boat launch fees.
The port will seek RCO grant funding to replace the north dock in 2013. The north dock was built in 1998.