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NK School Board to pick new board member on election night

The North Kitsap School Board is scheduled to meet Monday evening in executive session to review the applications for the vacant position on the board.

The board is expected to make its selection Tuesday evening, election night.

The District 2 opening happened when Dan Weedin resigned from the board in early October.

Kingston High School press box more iffy than the field

The Kingston High School football field met with more conversation on Thursday, even as our earlier story broke, a story didn’t have the benefit of seeing before the meeting.

Our story suggested approval of the change in the field’s conditional use permit from the county is likely.

During Thursday’s North Kitsap School Board meeting Dave Dyess, the district’s director of maintenance and facilities, showed plans for a press box, plans that were prepared a year ago. The stick built facility would be about $8,000 more to build than the district had budgeted, but Dyess said a pole-built box would probably serve the needed purpose and could be done for less money.

Board members expressed caution about going forward, because they want to make sure the conditional use permit is approved before approving a press box. And they’re certain there will be an appeal.

Tom Anderson asked why there needed to be a press box. People stand in the rain at the game. Why build a press box so reporters can. … That’s where he stopped.

Reporters are the last people who make use of press boxes at high school football games. It’s called a press box, perhaps because that’s what they’re called at big stadiums, where the press really does do much of its work. At high school football games the press box is first for the announcer, then usually a couple of people operating the scoreboard. Coaches also use the higher space to get the bird’s-eye view and call plays.

Many reporters, though, prefer covering the game from the sidelines. The weather can change that, but many of the press boxes around Kitsap County are pretty crowded even without the news scribes. If the rain encourages a reporter inside, it’s primarily because it’s tough to take notes in the rain.

The board gave Dyess some permission to check out pole-built options, but not to submit a permit until the first permit is clear. That might take years.

Varsity football games will very likely be played at Kingston this year. The press box is less certain.