Awaiting more of that fresh, tar smell in Silverdale

You have a week left to give a farewell to those pipes we all love under the Bucklin Hill bridge.
You have a week left to give a farewell to those pipes we all love under the Bucklin Hill bridge.

Mourn the loss of Bucklin Hill Road for a year beginning July 1. That’s next Wednesday until July 1.

As a Silverdale guy, I know construction lately. I was headed home the other night and that usually means Highway 303/Waaga Way to the Ridgetop exit. There was lane construction happening, but a sign said “Exit Open.”

It was not.

I had to go to Silverdale Way and backtrack. Given enough perspective it’s not that big a deal. Nothing is a big deal if you can find enough perspective, just like anything is within walking distance if you have enough time and sturdy shoes.

I love new roads. I love how my car feels new on them and how black and unsullied they love. I love the tar smell, even.

Bucklin Hill will be widened between the bridge and Mickelberry. The culvert from Clear Creek to Dyes Inlet under the bridge will be removed in favor of something more natural.

That means you’ll be left to find alternative paths, like Ridgetop, which I think we can all agree could use more traffic.

This shoud be a pretty sweet deal once its done after the new year but before we elect another president. You’ll have time to get in at least one more “Thanks, Obama” after it’s complete.

The county’s press release follows.

Bucklin Hill Road closes July 1
(Silverdale, WA) Bucklin Hill Road, between Blaine Avenue NW and Mickelberry Road NW, closes to pedestrian and vehicular traffic July 1. The road remains closed until the completion of the Bucklin Hill Bridge project in Silverdale scheduled for August 2016. Now is the time to “Scout Your Route” around the construction zone to reduce congestion.

The project replaces two existing culverts with a 240-foot bridge span across the Clear Creek estuary and expands the existing roadway to four lanes. Replacing the twin culverts with the designed bridge span provides several benefits. The work increases vehicular capacity, improves safety for pedestrians and bicyclists – with new 5’ bike lanes and 6’ walkways – and helps restore the Clear Creek estuary to its natural state.

Additionally, the project includes two pedestrian overlooks at the east end of the bridge for public viewing of Dyes Inlet and Clear Creek. The north facing overlook houses an educational kiosk where visitors can learn about the Clear Creek trail system, the salmon life cycle, and upcoming community events.

“I am excited to finally see this project happen”, said Tina Nelson, Project Manager. “Traffic will be a challenge in Silverdale, but it will bring us real improvements when the project is completed next fall”. She continues, “Please help us all out by “Scouting Your Route” to your favorite business, restaurant, or appointment in Silverdale. We appreciate your help and ask for your patience during the construction!”

To learn more about the Bucklin Hill Bridge Project, to sign up for updates, and to find details on alternate routes bypassing the construction site, go to You can also sign up for project updates delivered by email or text message at the site. To stay informed on all County road work subscribe to the Road Report at

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