North Kitsap rallying for Carmen

The Suquamish Elementary family of families is gathering support for a third-grader at the school, Carmen Garringer.

According to a letter sent to homes by the school’s office manager, Pamela Goodman, Carmen was diagnosed with Extraosseous Ewing’s Sarcoma. The cancer was removed, but she will require chemotherapy at Seattle Children’s Hospital for nine months. The family has to stay within an hour of the hospital during that time.

It’s an expensive ordeal for the family, so starting last Friday the school organized a donation drive for students to bring in coins or cash, as well as Valentines for Carmen and her family.

Those supporting the Garringers want the word to spread and invite readers to forward news of their efforts far and wide. Here’s the letter from Goodman, which includes links to two other sites dedicated to Carmen and her family. The letter was sent last week.

Just before winter break, our 3rd grade friend, Carmen Garringer, felt a lump on her chest and told her mom about it. After many doctor appointments it was recommended that they remove what they believed to be a cyst with hopes it was nothing serious. However, after having the surgery the doctors diagnosed Carmen with Extra-osseous Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare from of cancer that forms in the muscles and soft tissue. Shortly thereafter, Carmen began a very aggressive chemotherapy treatments for the next 9 months at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Carmen and her family, including her kindergarten sister Leah, face huge medical and financial challenges in the coming months, and our students and families are already asking what they can do to help. Thanks to many caring people in the North Kitsap Community, you will be hearing about multiple opportunities to lend a hand to the Garringer family.

Starting this Friday, Suquamish Elementary families have organized a donation drive for students to bring in coins or cash; any gift is appreciated, whether pennies or paper. Along with the drive “Coins for Carmen”, Valentine’s will be collected and given to Carmen and her family. Donations and Valentine’s may be brought in with students, parents and staff and dropped off in collection jugs at the office and in classrooms.

Additionally, you can visit two websites to learn more about Carmen, her family and this journey they have begun. Our community is Caring for Carmen in many different ways:
This site includes Carmen’s story, ways to volunteer, and a place to make direct donations.
You must register to use this site, and then enter carmengarringer (no space) to view Carmen’s page.

Please share this information with your children in the ways you find most appropriate, and watch for further details in email, and throughout our community.

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