Will Trader Joe’s open in another month?

Brynn writes:

If you’ve been to Silverdale lately you’ve probably seen the former Circuit City building along Myhre Road looking more and more like a soon-to-be Trader Joe’s.

In fact, there is now a sign hanging from the entrance with the phrase: “Trader Joe’s Coming Soon!” (Side note: The company still has yet to publicly announce the opening, although a spokesperson did finally confirm in March that the store would open this year).

Without company confirmation about an opening date, it’s hard to know when exactly we might finally get the chance to have some of Trader Joe’s faithfuls’ favorites: Three Buck Chuck, vacuum packed marinated racks of lamb, maple leaf cookies and fat free feta cheese.

I learned in March that the company was aiming for a June opening, but was never told an exact date. Thanks to a recent email from a reader, it now sounds like the company has narrowed its timeline and selected an opening date. (Remember though that in the construction world everything is tentative, so don’t bet the bank on this date until the doors actually open).

A reader who contacted the Northwest Trader Joe’s customer relations department got a response saying the company hopes to open on Friday, June 17.

Here’s the exact text of the email: “We are shooting for June 17th. See you there and thank you.”

Short and sweet, but it’s more than I’ve been able to get out of Trader Joe’s corporate. So mark your calendars, June 17 it is!

4 thoughts on “Will Trader Joe’s open in another month?

  1. Good news. It does look like they are making very rapid progress now on the building. I also saw a sign up that they are now hiring. Opening day can’t be too far away.

  2. This is the best news ever!! Moving to the area June 1. By the time I unpack and get a car…TJ’s will be open!!

  3. Hmm, another chain store out of California. I’d rather go see Tim at Garguiles Red Apple market. He has an excellent deli and I can go speak with the owner.

  4. There is room for both. I love Trader Joes and will shop there regularly when it opens. I do not believe they will have much impact on a market like Garguile’s Red Apple. I think most Garguile’s shoppers, like Robin, will continue to shop there. Unfortunately as much as I love the idea of shopping at a locally owned market, the prices are generally a bit high at Red Apple for the organic products I buy. Some of my grocery budget will be redirected from Safeway to TJs, but TJs is not a “full service” grocery store. You can’t buy a big roll of garbage bags or baby food at TJs so we are still going to be hitting the other stores. They are also a famously great company to work for so I welcome the good jobs they will bring to Kitsap.

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