“New Concept” 7-Eleven Moving Into Old Geiger’s Pharmacy

Finally, after months, now going on years, of hints about a grocery store coming into downtown Port Orchard, Mayor Lary Coppola announced today at a mayors’ forum that the town will get a 7-Eleven.

Oh, right, Bremerton has a 7-Eleven. Now we’ll be like twins. Well, not exactly. The store coming in is an upscale “new concept” 7-Eleven that will “surprise a lot of people,” said Van Vlist, whose family owns the property at 567 Bay St. where the store will be located.

The store will go in at the former location of Geiger Rexall Family Pharmacy. The lease with 7-Eleven was signed about three weeks ago, Vlist said.

“Every day I heard people say we need something down here,” said Vlist. “It was my family’s desire to put some kind of grocery store down there, and we’re happy to be able to say it’s a ‘new concept’ 7-Eleven.”

Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven spokeswoman, said it’s after hours in her neck of the woods back east somewhere, so she’ll have to get back to me tomorrow to either confirm or deny, and to hopefully, tell me a little more about what this “new concept” thing is all about.

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on ““New Concept” 7-Eleven Moving Into Old Geiger’s Pharmacy

  1. Just to clarify, Bremerton has TWO 7 Elevens. The city had three until one was converted to a Chinese restaurant. And if I have a say, I vote that “new concept” should mean Japanese style 7-Eleven with fresh pastries and a variety of hot lunches.

  2. Port orchard will be getting a 7-11 to be twins with bremerton…

    Wait.. I thought there was already a 7-11.

    There better be slurpees in this new kinda uptown 7-11!!

  3. Right, ConfusedPOPerson (love your screen name btw). There’s one at the corner of Jackson and Lund, so once the two new stores open, we’ll be one ahead of Bremerton.

    And, yes, the spokeswoman assures me there will be Slurpees, Big Gulp drinks, Big Bite hot dogs on those roller thingies and other familiar 7-Eleven fare.

    And, yes, Angela, I know there are two in Bremerton, the one at Sixth and Park, and the one on Wheaton Way. The latter is in East Bremerton, and I was referring to store everyone thinks of when you say, “the 7-Eleven in Bremerton” aka “the Sev.”

    Chris Henry, reporter

  4. I like a good slurpee from time to time but do we really need three 7-11’s in Port Orchard? How many/what kind of changes will there be to their inventory to make this a “new concept?” I hope this doesn’t affect my favorite mini mart and coffee stand in this area, that would kill my morning commute =)

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