Friday Afternoon Club: Furniture with a Little Too Much History

What are you going to do with “that” couch? You know, the one you’ve had since before the children were born, before the dog died, heck, before you got the dog … and the cat. The poor old thing has seen its share of wine stains, spilled milk and a host of unmentionable deposits. It has a lot of history, and you’re loathe to part with it … mostly because you hate to pay to pitch it.

On Sunday, you can get rid of it for free. Don’t let sentiment stop you. Here’s the scoop on Kitsap County’s Furniture Amnesty Day..

Olympic View Transfer Station (across from Bremerton National Airport) will offer free disposal of unusable furniture from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Items accepted during the county’s Furniture Amnesty Day include bookcases, tables and chairs, desks, patio furniture, mattresses, file cabinets, entertainment centers, sofas, sleeper sofas, beds, dressers, baby furniture.

Loads containing garbage will be charged the regular rate. Household hazardous waste will not be accepted. All loads will be prescreened on site.

Loads must be secured. Driving with an unsecured load is a violation of Washington State law. Fines range from a $216 traffic violation to $5,000 fine and jail time if something falling out of your vehicle causes bodily harm.

For items in good enough condition, the county’s solid waste division participates in a reusable materials exchange, and is part of the Too Good to Toss network. Residents can list items at no cost. All items listed must sell for $99 or less. Many items are free.

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