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Port of Bremerton lands clean energy startup

The Port of Bremerton has inked a lease agreement with a clean energy company it hopes will power future job growth in Kitsap County.

The tenant is SuperCritical Technologies Inc.,  a 3-year-old startup organized with the modest goal of revolutionizing the energy sector.

“It’s a massive market,” SuperCritical CEO Craig Husa said during a presentation to the port commission Tuesday night. “We’ve got great technology that disrupts that massive market.”

The startup has developed power plants that harness supercritical Co2, rather than traditional steam, to power turbines and generate electricity.

A key advantage of the technology is it’s compact. SuperCritical claims it can produce a 5-megawatt plant small enough to fit in a  40-foot shipping container.

The company’s systems can be used to convert waste heat at industrial facilities into electricity, which can help offset the facility’s power needs.

For now, SuperCritical is a scrappy startup with a tiny team. Its leaders see unlimited potential for growth.

“This is one of the reason’s we’re excited to be here at the Port of Bremerton,” Husa said. “We’ve got great space, we’ve got potential to grow, there’s a potential labor force that’s strong in the area, we’ve got access to shipping… it’s really is an awesome place for us to be.”

All of this was music to the ears of port officials.

“This is something we could see growing really big,” port CEO Jim Rothlin said. “… we talk about trying to find what’s going to be our niche here. This could possibly be our niche… nowhere else has this kind of thing.”

SuperCritical is starting small at the port. The company has agreed to lease a 6,000-square-foot building in Olympic View Industrial Park for $2,880 a month. The initial term is for two years, with the option for 10 two-year extensions.

The port is obligated to install a security fence in January 2016 and upgrade the building’s electrical system. The cost of those improvements is estimated at $53,000.

The full lease agreement is embedded below.

We’ll have a full story on SuperCritical technologies soon. In the meantime, you can read a Puget Sound Business Journal Q&A with company officials here. 

SuperCritical Lease

Avalara’s McFarlane named ‘CEO of the Year’

Bainbridge Island-based Avalara has been making waves lately, and the tech world has taken notice.

News site GeekWire named Avalara executive Scott McFarlane “CEO of the Year” at its 2015 awards ceremony last week.

The site noted the $100 million investment Avalara recently received, which spurred even more growth at the 800-employee business.

According to GeekWire, McFarlane studied economics at Claremont McKenna College in California, and founded a fitness equipment company with his college roommate. He’s been with Avalara since its founding in 2004.

“I might be the luckiest person on earth,” McFarlane said in his acceptance speech. “I have great investors and great Avalarians that bleed orange every single day. This is for you guys.”

Avalara specializes in sales tax compliance software.

Poulsbo firm creates real estate mapping app

LMS-dashboardPoulsbo tech company Velosys has launched a mapping service for land brokers marketing, large, high-value properties.

The service, called Land Map Solutions, helps brokers create detailed maps of properties.

Maps can be edited show details like parcel boundaries, areas of crops and timber, trails and pipelines.

The service is cloud based and maps can be embedded directly into brokerage websites.

“We created LMS to give our customers better management and control of their listings,” Tyler Van Meeteren, principal of Land Map Solutions, said in a news release.  “It was developed by professionals in the land industry and experts in GIS technology.  We provide a high level of data visualization and functionality that does not exist in the market today.”

According to the release, the mapping service is the first of several technology releases planned from the firm’s emerging products division. Velosys is a tech consulting and software development firm with clients in the financial, energy and government sectors.

Kitsap tech summit features Apple executive


Improving technology education in Washington will be the subject of an upcoming summit in Suquamish.

The discussion, hosted by the West Sound Technology Association, will feature Renee Radcliff 168Sinclair, leader of strategic initiatives for Apple Inc. and a former state representative.

Other participants include U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, Olympic College President Dr. David Mitchell, and WSTA Director Charles Keating.

They’ll discuss how technology is transforming student learning and and whether state education policy is keeping up.

The program runs from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 16 at Clearwater Casino. Pre-registration is requested. See full information here.

Kitsap has a bitcoin mining company, and it’s in bankruptcy

A Kitsap-based bitcoin mining company is making national headlines for the wrong reasons.

Alydian, a Bainbridge Island startup, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is trying to unload its computer equipment, according to The Wall Street Journal.

BC_Logo_Bitcoin miners (in my admittedly hazy understanding of the system) verify transactions made using the online currency, and unlock new virtual coins.

The Bitcoin UP Test Erfahrungen reports Alydian sank $4 million into development of a mining platform but its “rigs” quickly became outdated. The company filed for bankruptcy in November.

Documents filed in a U.S. District Court in New York, and posted by The WSJ, offer a glimpse inside the volatile mining industry.

Alydian is an offshoot of Seattle-based CoinLab. It lists its address as 900 Winslow Way East, Suite 100.