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Bremerton finally has a pot shop applicant | UPDATED


Correction: After some more checking, the city’s legal department concluded this was the second pot shop application Bremerton has received. The first was received back in July for a location on Kitsap Way. The city recommended it be rejected because it was too close to a park.

As we reported last week, a prospective Bremerton marijuana shop owner got lucky in a license lottery redo.

Plans for the proposed shop, called Sensibility, appear to be moving ahead quickly.

The Liquor Control Board sent Sensibility’s application to the city for review Friday. The city will determine whether the location at 1107 N Callow Ave. meets local code and make a recommendation for approval or rejection to the liquor board within the next few weeks.

Assistant City Attorney Mark Koontz said it’s the first marijuana retail application Bremerton has received for review (pot shop HWY 420 is just outside city limits). The state will allow two recreational pot shops within city limits.

The liquor board will vet Sensibility’s application to ensure it meets state rules, including the 1,000-foot buffer imposed around parks, schools and other public areas frequented by children.

Proposed Bremerton pot shop wins license lottery

Backers of a proposed Bremerton marijuana shop got lucky in a lottery held last week by the state Liquor Control Board.

The lottery was a mulligan of sorts for eight applicants who’d mistakenly been left out of the mega lottery last spring. The eight were given the same odds as their counterparts in the original lottery (you can read about the methodology here).

Sensibility, a pot shop proposed for 1107 N. Callow Avenue in Bremerton, scored well enough to have its application processed. It will go through the same vetting process as all the other proposed shops.


Bremerton doesn’t have a recreational marijuana shop open inside city limits yet (HWY 420 is just outside).  The state allocated the city two licenses (Bainbridge Island gets one and the rest of Kitsap gets seven).

The lottery held last spring determined which applicants would be first in line to get the limited number of licenses. The Bremerton results are posted below.

So far none of these proposed businesses have materialized: