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Eastside Auto Wrecking shutting down Friday

Eastside Auto Wrecking – in business since the 1940s – will shut down for good Friday.

The East Bremerton wrecking yard has been in the Lillybridge family since 1981. Manager Mike Lillybridge said the family couldn’t keep pouring money into a business in rapid decline.

A shrinking customer base, hard-to-work-on modern cars, and government regulations have made junkyards nearly impossible to keep open, he said.

“I would be shocked if this industry is still around in 10blog.wreckingyard years.”

He said the work was hard but enjoyable.

“I’ve always been a big customer service guy, just being able to help people, and help them save money.”

Friday was the last day Eastside would sell auto parts. There are still about 350 cars in the yard to strip and prep for the crusher. That process will probably take a month.

Meanwhile the Eastside property is up for sale. Lillybridge said the 6.5 acres were listed Thursday at $1.5 million.

Watch the Kitsap Sun for an in-depth story and video on the wrecking yard business. If you were an Eastside customer please share your thoughts in the comment section or send me an email at tad.sooter@kitsapsun.com