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Kitsap County ranks 17th in per-capita pot sales

The recreational marijuana industry has a strong foothold in Kitsap County, with seven retail stores up and running.

But when it comes to buying legal pot, Kitsap residents aren’t as active as some of their Washington neighbors.

Kitsap ranks 17th among Washington counties for per-capita marijuana sales, according to a report released by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (PDF of the report here). The institute looked at recreational marijuana sales made from July 2014 through June 2015.

Klickitat had the highest per-capita pot sales during that period, followed by Clark and Jefferson. The report noted these counties have relatively few marijuana retailers (three, seven and two, respectively).

Clark was by far the most lucrative location for retailers, with stores reporting an average of $3.5 million in gross revenue. By comparison, King County retailers averaged $1.4 million, and Kitsap retailers averaged $818,000.

It’s worth remembering that it took quite a while for retailers to get licensed in some areas. Mason County, which ranked 28th in per-capita sales, didn’t get its first marijuana shop until early this year.

Naturally, counties with large populations ranked highest in total marijuana sales. King led the way with $48 million in gross sales. Kitsap ranked 8th with just under $5 million.

Here’s a sortable table showing total sales, sales per capita, average sales per retailer and the number of retailers in Washington counties from July 2014 through June 2015 (excluding the nine counties that didn’t report any sales):

Check out the graphic below for even more marijuana sales trends: Continue reading

Kitsap pot businesses grossed $6M in first year

Rachel Seymour photo

One year ago Wednesday, a shop in Bellingham sold the first bag of legal marijuana in Washington state.

The sale marked a milestone for Kitsap County too: That first bag of pot was grown Bremerton. 

In the year that followed, Washington recreational marijuana businesses recorded more than $250 million in gross sales, generating $62 million for the state in excise taxes. Add in other state and local taxes and the total tax bill topped $70 million.

Kitsap marijuana retailers, growers and processors grossed about $5.75 million, generating $1.44 million in excise tax, according to statistics made available by the Liquor Control Board. Nearly $5 million of gross revenue came from the retail side.

Kitsap’s busiest marijuana shop made $430,000 in sales in June alone.

The county can expect much higher sales totals in the coming year.

Ten Kitsap marijuana enterprises — four shops and six producer/processors — recorded sales between July 2014 and the end of June. As of this week the county had 16 licensed pot businesses, with several more in the works.

Relaxed taxes could also lure more customers to recreational shops.

During the first year of sales, marijuana was taxed 25 percent when sold between a producer and processor, another 25 percent when sold to the retailer, and a final 25 percent when sold to the consumer, resulting in an excise tax of up to 75 percent.

A law enacted this summer will reduce the overall tax to 37 percent.

And that’s not the only sweeping change ahead for the fledgling industry. At the direction of the Legislature, the state will essentially dismantle the existing medical marijuana system over the next year, and roll what’s left into the recreational system.

The expected closure of medical dispensaries will reduce competition for the licensed shops and drive up recreational pot sales.

Here’s a graphical look at the first year of marijuana sales in Kitsap:

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Two marijuana grows approved near airport

Not one but two recreational marijuana grows have been approved southwest of Bremerton National Airport.

The state Liquor Control Board issued licenses to companies called Hesperides and R 7 this week. Both are located at 11854 SW Lake Flora Road, off Highway 3.

The addition of Hesperides and R 7 brings the count of licensed marijuana growers in Kitsap to 10. The state has approved a total of 16 recreational marijuana businesses in the county.

Expand the map above or click here to see all the marijuana business locations in Kitsap.

On a related note, Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of the of the first recreational marijuana sale in Washington. The first bag sold was produced by Nine Point Growth Industries in Bremerton.

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State approves pot shop on Callow Avenue

The state has given the green light for the first recreational marijuana store inside Bremerton city limits.

The Liquor Control Board issued a license Thursday to Pacific Cannabis Company. The shop will be located at 625 N Callow Ave., next door to China Wok.

City permit documents indicate another pot shop is planned for Callow, though a state license hasn’t been issued yet. The Liquor Control Board will allow only two recreational marijuana retail licenses within city limits, barring a rule change.

A shop called HWY 420 opened in October on Charleston Beach Road, just outside city limits.

Pacific Cannabis is the sixth licensed retailer in Kitsap County. A shop called Paper and Leaf opened on Bainbridge this week.

The state also approved another marijuana producer for Kitsap Thursday. The grower, called Lano, will be located at 12363 Clear Creek Road in Silverdale.

Lano is the eighth producer approved in the county. Expand the map above to see all the locations, or click here.

Marijuana retailer approved for Bainbridge

8040 Day Road_1430931876192_17940777_ver1.0_640_480
A company called Paper and Leaf was given the green light this week to become Bainbridge Island’s first recreational marijuana retailer.

The state Liquor Control Board approved the shop’s license Tuesday. The business will open at 8040 Day Road, sharing a building with the island’s first licensed marijuana grow. 

The Day Road industrial area is the only area of Bainbridge where marijuana businesses are allowed.

Brendan Hill and Steven Kessler are partners in the retail shop. Kessler previously ran a pet training business but is now focused on getting the marijuana store up and running.

“Both Brendan and I live on the island, we have kids on the island, and we felt it was very important that folks like us open this store,” Kessler told the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal in May. “Our entire business model is about making this legitimate.”

As it stands now, the state plans to authorize only one marijuana retailer on the island. License allocations could change as medical marijuana providers are rolled into the recreational system. 

Paper and Leaf is the twelfth recreational marijuana business approved in Kitsap. Expand the map above, or click here, to see all the I-502 business locations.

Marijuana grow approved in SK

The state Liquor Control Board approved a license Tuesday for a small recreational marijuana grow off Mile Hill Drive.

The producer, Northern Lights Wholesale Nursery, will be located on Garfield Avenue, south of Manchester.

Northern Lights is licensed as a tier 1 producer, meaning it can grow up to 2,000 square feet of plant canopy.

Northern Lights is the seventh recreational marijuana producer, and eleventh recreational marijuana business licensed in Kitsap County.

Expand the embedded map or click here to see all the locations.

Recreational marijuana grow approved in NK

Recreational marijuana businesses are banned in Poulsbo, but one will soon open outside city limits.

The state Liquor Control Board issued a license Friday for marijuana producer and processor Ethos Extracts, located at 22277 Stottlemeyer Road, near Bond Road.

Ethos Extracts is the first recreational pot business approved in North Kitsap. The state approved a grow on Bainbridge Island earlier this month.

The addition of Ethos Extracts bring’s the county of legalized marijuana businesses in Kitsap to 10, including four retailers and six producers.

There are still no retail shops north of Bremerton.

Graphic: Recreational marijuana sales in 2014

The state’s legalized pot industry began to bear fruit in 2014.

The newly-licensed recreational marijuana businesses grossed $65.4 million by the end of the year, generating more than $16 million in excise taxes.

Here’s a graphical look at how Kitsap’s recreational marijuana industry faired during its first few months in existence:

Corrected statewide marijuana sales numbers. Earlier numbers listed included 2015.

First Mason County pot shop approved


The state Liquor Control Board issued a license for a recreational marijuana shop in Belfair last month. It was the first retail marijuana license issued for Mason County.

The store, called Ganja Vita, is planned for 23441 NE Highway 3, across the street from the Harrison Medical Center clinic.

Owner Erica Weick said she’s waiting on final county approval to open. She hopes the high-visibility location will keep business brisk.

Mason County has become a hot spot for growing operations — 13 producers have been approved so far (see map). Three were approved in December alone.

Retail has been a different story. The state will allow up to five shops in the county, including one in Shelton. But Weick said zoning restrictions made it challenging to find a suitable space for a shop.

The state received 20 retail applications and 47 producer applications for Mason County. Seven recreational marijuana businesses have been approved in Kitsap County.

Second Port Orchard pot shop opens Sunday


A second Port Orchard pot shop is set to open Sunday.

The 420 Spot Shop, which received its retail license last month, is located in a small commercial building at 1374 SE Lund Ave.

Owner Delynn Ecklund said she’s keeping things simple to start out, offering a selection of bud along with some pipes. Her suppliers include Cascade Crops of Shelton.

The 420 Spot Shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, though openings will be dependent on the availability of marijuana. Ecklund said a Facebook page is in the works.

The first Port Orchard shop, Crockpot, opened in August. Bremerton’s first shop, HWY 420, will hold a ribbon cutting Friday, with a grand opening to follow on Saturday.

I previewed the HWY 420 opening with a Monday story, and wrote about lingering supply shortages in the recreational marijuana industry.