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MAP: Migration to and from Kitsap

Ever wonder where Kitsap residents move from and where they go when they leave?

The Census Bureau has answers.

The map below shows net migration between Kitsap County and other U.S. Counties for 2009 through 2013, based on Census estimates (you can find the raw data and methodology here).


Instructions: Use the zoom tools to explore the map, or select individual states from the dropdown menu in the top right corner. Hover your mouse over the counties to see details. Click the house button to reset the map. 

Counties in the map are color coded. Counties shades of red are counties more Kitsap residents have moved to than have moved from. Counties in green are counties more residents have moved from than have moved to.

There are lots of interesting trends here I’ll hopefully be able to explore in more detail. Feel free to drop a comment below if something catches your eye.

Why did Kitsap’s population shrink in 2013?


The U.S. Census Bureau released a nifty interactive map this week chronicling population shifts across the nation.

The map shows population change in 2003 side-by-side with 2013, presenting snapshots of growth separated by a decade.

According to the map, the estimated population of the Bremerton/Silverdale statistical area (read Kitsap County) grew by 1,692 people between 2002 and 2003, a 0.63 percent change. The population dipped by 657 between 2012 and 2013, a -0.26 percent change.

So why does the Census Bureau think Kitsap lost residents last year?

To determine population change, the bureau calculates births, deaths, international immigration (including overseas military deployment) and domestic immigration.

Below is a chart showing how those components played out in Kitsap last year. (Note these numbers don’t add up to the total population change, which incorporates a broader set of factors.)

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