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Costco expansion, self storage construction underway in Silverdale

costcoSilverdale Costco is celebrating 30 years with a makeover.

An expansion project is now well underway at the Mickelberry Road store, and work will continue for the next few months, assistant manager Jeff Gagliardi said. (Click on my haphazard illustration for a rough overview).

costcoContractors are adding 13,000 square feet of footprint to the back of the warehouse.

The new store space could be open for use as early as next week. Gagliardi said the expansion is simply to keep pace with growth.

“The standard Costco footprint has evolved quite a bit,” he said.

Meanwhile, a new fuel station is being built at the east end of the parking lot. The future station will be bigger than the original, with nine gas pumps divided between three islands. (No diesel though. I asked).

Gagliardi said the fuel station should be open by early May. The original station will be replaced by parking and a water catchment system. Work in the parking lot will wrap up sometime around June.

Portions of the lot are closed during construction. Gagliardi said he knew the barricades were a nuisance for customers.

“We’ll be happy when thats done,” he said.

The overall project will be completed later this summer, when the store’s freezer area is upgraded.

Self storage going in on Randall Way


A lot near Target will soon be home to a self storage complex.

The facility, under construction at 3442 Randall Way, will open next winter, according to sign at the site.

County permitting docs indicate the three-story, 88,500-square-foot complex will be constructed in two phases. A 1,000-square-foot office will be built alongside the storage units.

The 3.3-acre property was previously slated for 99 senior housing units.

Silverdale Costco prepping for expansion

Click to enlarge

Costco is preparing to expand its Silverdale warehouse and relocate the store’s fuel station.

Contractors filed for site development and building permits from the county for the project, and are seeking coverage under state stormwater permits, according to a legal notice published Tuesday.

Costco plans to add 13,300 square feet to the north end of its warehouse, while reconfiguring its receiving bay. The addition will increase the building’s overall footprint to 152,760 square feet, according to plans filed with the county

Costco will also shift its fuel station from the southwest corner of the parking lot to the southeast corner. The old fuel station will be replaced with new parking.

(Click on the image above to see my approximation of Costco’s plans.)

The project is expected to begin at the end of August and be completed by September 2016, according to an application filed with the Department of Ecology.

A store manager has not yet returned a message left this week requesting more detail. Costco is located at 10000 Mickelberry Road.

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