Poulsbo store hosts state’s first Walmart training academy

20060124-061050-pic-244474290_5739339_ver1-0_640_480-1The inaugural class of Walmart’s first training academy in Washington will don caps and gowns in Poulsbo next week.

The new training center at the Poulsbo Walmart Supercenter is among 200 the retail giant plans to open in the next year.

The academies are aimed at helping department managers and hourly supervisors gain retail skills and the knowledge needed to run their specific departments, according to a news release. Participants receive two weeks of hands-on training in classrooms and on the sales floor.

A ceremony for the Poulsbo academy graduates is scheduled for 8 a.m. Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Poulsbo store hosts state’s first Walmart training academy

  1. All the Wal-Mart’s I go to seem to be managed the same. They put their slowest employees at the registers, quickest at the self check out and cart retreival, tell their auto shop folks to tell customers it will be a 2 hour wait to get an oil change when there is only one car ahead of you in line, and cloak the rest when trying to find assistance.

  2. I am not a fan of the academy yet. The classrooms they built stole very useful backroom space for merchandise. Now there isn’t enough room in the back for every department now. And it feels like they are wasting money on more employees to just boss the rest of the store around. Why do they need 2 Dept managers for every dept. ? The only problem was dept managers leaving and when it came time to replace them they throw someone new in who doesn’t know what to do, then the managers get mad at them. They should have the replacement be trained by the previous person. And the academy classrooms should have been rented commercial buildings or a separate building built next to the store.

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