Whiskey Creek Steak House closes; pizzeria coming

whiskey.creekwhiskey.creek.signWhiskey Creek Steak House, a Keyport restaurant that experienced a brief and ill-fated brush with reality TV fame in 2012, has shut down for good.

A sign on the front door says the steakhouse closed Aug. 5, “to give the new owners time to make changes on the building to start their new adventure.”

That adventure, according the sign, will be a restaurant called Trendy’s Pizzeria, described as “an authentic East Coast eatery.”

Whiskey Creek had been in business since the 1990s and gained national exposure in 2012 when it received a makeover from Food Network program “Restaurant: Impossible:”

The TV show crew stripped Whiskey Creek of its kitschy Old West interior and nixed popular menu items.

The owners came to regret changes made by “Restaurant: Impossible.” They moved the restaurant to a larger space across the highway in 2013 and later turned the business over to employees.

Whiskey Creek closed without fanfare last week. It’s website and social media pages are already offline.

I’m hoping to get in touch with owners of Trendy’s to learn more about their plans.

6 thoughts on “Whiskey Creek Steak House closes; pizzeria coming

  1. After a horrible meal at Whiskey Creek, we gave it another chance after the TV make over. It ‘looked’ better inside but the food was only slightly improved. Too bad, we’ll stick with Spiro’s.

  2. It’s a shame when someone asks another person for help and then to turn around and say they don’t like what was done? And then, to call it “damage?!?!” That was the darkest place I’ve ever seen. It was something out of a horror movie. What Robert did to that restaurant was beautiful. He is a good person that is willing to go in to a resaurant looking at total failure, in good faith, and spend $10,000.00 only to have it shoved back in his face iinoutrageous and a case of pure deceitfullness. Sounds to me like these people did not want his help, they just wanted the money. Well, it looks like they got it by selling the place after Robert went in and put all that work into rebuilding the inside of their failing restaurant. It has to be dishearenng to the TLC station, crew and the background people of “Restaurant ImImpossible, and Robert to hear of such deceitfullness. I feel sorry for all of them. In closing all I can say is shame on you for allowing this show to come in and do all that work, and then have you stab them in the back. I hope you are cursed in the restaurant business from this day forth.

    1. The renovations were awful. The food remained the same. They moved BECAUSE of the show. The show doesn’t do anything for anybody but it’s producers. Shitty renovations produce shitty reviews. Thanks DIY network………

      Write your review then have your glass of wine……..

  3. Well, usually those restaurants were circling the drain, new decor/menu’s don’t always fix the problems. Anybody find it odd that a pizzeria in Rhode Island would set up in Keyport?

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