Starbucks, Sherwin Williams stores approved in Poulsbo

rpi retailPoulsbo has approved plans for a retail complex that will house a Starbucks coffee shop and Sherwin-Williams paint store.

The stores will be constructed on a parcel directly north of CVS, off the intersection of Highway 305 and Hostmark Street (see inset image).

Starbucks will get a 2,000-square-foot shop with drive through. Sherwin-Williams will occupy a 4,000-square-foot space.

The Poulsbo planning director approved the project Aug. 1, according to a notice published by the city.

The applicant is PacLand-Seattle, which initially submitted plans for a coffee shop and restaurant on the site.

CVS sold the 1-acre parcel to Seattle-based RPI Poulsbo LLC. at the end of June for $1.175 million, according to county documents.

Sherwin Williams already signed a 10-year lease agreement with RPI Poulsbo, with a projected start date of May 2017.

I included a little more context in my original post on this project.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks, Sherwin Williams stores approved in Poulsbo

  1. We need a full size Fred Meyer store either in Poulsbo or Silverdale. Preferably Poulsbo – anywhere in Poulsbo. How about the vacated Albertsons store? Or how about the coming development up at College Place? Please see what you can do about this. Thank you.

  2. These 2 stores will bring much needed vitality to this small stretch of 305 in Poulsbo. The CVS building is in such stark contrast with the aged buildings both across and beside it. Hopefully sales will increase for the small businesses nearby to CVS, Starbucks, and Sherwin Williams, and eventually they will all be able to update their existing buildings and signage as well.

    As this area of Poulsbo is the first visitors to the Olympic Peninsula experience when coming from the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry, it has long been my desire to see a much brighter welcoming sight for them. In fact, I feel that the city should go further and develop an entirely fresh, updated “welcome” to drivers on 305 which is representative of Poulsbo’s heritage and values.

    For example, the Viking Man statue is fantastic, as are the “homey” comforting light posts, landscaping, and wide sidewalks at the south end of Viking Way just prior to visitors approaching the “RV Wasteland.”

    A lot more thought could go into the area on 305 which is the first impression Poulsbo makes on many visiting, passing through, or simply commuting.

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