Two pot stores approved for same Port Orchard shopping center

PO.pot.storesSoon shoppers will be able to look out the window of one Port Orchard marijuana store and see another marijuana store across the parking lot.

A shop called Kitsap Cannabis was approved by the Liquor and Cannabis Board last week for a space at 1739 Village Lane SE, in the South Park Village.

It joins the descriptively named A Recreational Marijuana Store, already licensed at 1762 Village Lane SE, in the same shopping center.

Kitsap Cannabis is the seventh recreational marijuana store approved in the Port Orchard area, and the 16th in Kitsap. The state plans to license up to 20 retailers in the county.

Below is a chart showing retail marijuana sales trends:

5 thoughts on “Two pot stores approved for same Port Orchard shopping center

  1. There is already two Marijuana stores in the same building across from Fred Myers in Port Orchard. Actually there is ten retail stores and not seven. Greenway or Green Mountain just off Sedgwick and Hwy 18. The Crock Pot and Pot Zone in the same building across from Fred Myers. Legal Marijuana Super Store across from the Super Walmart. There are 3 stores on SE Lund Ave, 420 Spot Shop, one at 3170 Seiford AVE and the third is Green Comfort next to Seven Eleven. On Mile hill there is currently 3, but soon to be 4, Recreational Marijuana next to QFC, down the road is Port Orchard Green Thumb and a building with green crosses at 5127 SE Mile Hill Dr. With Kitsap Cannabis will bring the number to eleven for a town with a population of 13,000. With all the federal jobs in the area, who is consuming all this pot? We should change our name to Pot Orchard. At least we can get stoned and not pass a school levy. I’m so proud to live in South Kitsap County.

    1. The seven I’m referring to are licensed recreational marijuana retailers.

      The two shops you mention across from Fred Meyer are owned by the same person and one is an accessory shop that does not sell marijuana. The others you list that are not on my map (Green Comfort, Green Thumb, etc.) are medical marijuana dispensaries and are not licensed by the state. Those dispensaries will be phased out in the next few months unless they’re able to obtain recreational retail licenses.

  2. Thank you for the clarification, some how it doesn’t make me feel any better about the situation. When I-420 was being debated, we were all lead to believe these retail stores were to be un-intrusive to the community. Advertising was to limited to 1 sign to be no larger then 1600 square inches attached to the premises with the legal business name clearly stated on the sign. Why is there multiple signage and large billboards? Obviously the signage is much larger than the 1600 and there no legal business name thus the confusion of not knowing who is who. There was even a sign flipping guy across from Walmart advertising $5 joints. Why is the City of Pot Orchard issuing permits for extra signage when it clearly violates the intent of I-420? I have 3 children and I do not want them to grow up in a community with all these in your face stores and still no school levy. Where is the I-420 enforcement?

    1. Not only is this a bad advertisement for Port Orchard, I’m curious how there could be such a large customer base since so much of this county is military, DOD civilian and DOD contractors?

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