Graphic: Updated Trails at Silverdale store locations

Two more tenants — Purpose Boutique and The Habit Burger Grill — were announced for The Trails at Silverdale shopping center last week.

Here’s an updated graphic showing where the businesses will be located:GraphicTemp


Tenants have not been named for seven spaces at the trails, including the grocery store building. These include a couple of very large retail spaces, and a restaurant space in the northwest corner.

One thought on “Graphic: Updated Trails at Silverdale store locations

  1. I’m still disappointed by the fact that they said there would be trails, open spaces, places to walk, etc., when they first announced this shopping center but we ended up with a cheapo strip mall around a big parking lot. I wish developers could figure out a way to save or replant trees after they clear-cut huge areas like this. I’m also disappointed that there’s no longer a movie theater planned as the other options in Silverdale aren’t great. Actually only “option” singular now because Regal is going to be a church I guess. AMC is much better after the remodel though.

    The good news is that it looks like they’re installing a double-turn lane from Kitsap Mall Blvd. onto Greaves Way and also a right-hand turn lane from the other direction. Both of these improvements should help traffic a lot.

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