Here’s the latest on Trails at Silverdale tenants

1129_TrailsUpdate_KSThe first stores (Ulta, Homegoods and AT&T) debuted at The Trails at Silverdale about a month ago. Since then we’ve gathered a few more updates on future opening dates and expected tenants.

The graphic above shows the latest info confirmed by developer CenterCal Properties LLC. (click to enlarge).

Here are a few key updates:

  • A 5,300-square-foot space near the entrance, initially slated to become one restaurant, has been divided into three spaces. Tenants there haven’t been announced but will open in spring of 2016.

We’ll keep posting announcements as we get them. You can sign up for email alerts using the widget on the right-hand side of this page.

9 thoughts on “Here’s the latest on Trails at Silverdale tenants

  1. Little disappointed in the new tenant list . I have heard about a number of great stores like Hobby Lobby and others which we get advertisements from the Sun , of stores that look like they have great products but you have to go to Tacoma or Seattle . None of these are on the list here .

    1. It will be interesting to see what stores are announced in the next few months. As you can see from the graphic, there are still quite a few spaces that haven’t been linked to tenants yet, including some very large retail spaces.

  2. I like the the HomeGoods there and I am looking forward to the new Forever 21 (Men’s section, finally?) but I really wanted the Gap back in Silverdale! My dad’s going to be disappointed when he hears about this…

    P.S. Any ideas on what the new grocery store may be? If it’s not Whole Foods, nothing else comes to mind that matches… Metropolitan Market?

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