Poulsbo bookstore testing Bremerton location

Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo

Bremerton is a city of 40,000 residents and zero bookstores (well, at least the family-friendly kind).

That will change Saturday when Poulsbo-based Liberty Bay Books opens a holiday pop-up store at 409 Pacific Ave.

The store will only be open in November and December, but Liberty Bay Books owner Suzanne Droppert said she would consider opening a permanent downtown Bremerton location if the pop-up proves popular.

“We’ll see if the readers of Bremerton want a bookstore,” Droppert said.

Liberty Bay Books is taking over a 750-square-foot space next to Hot Java Café. Droppert said her staff will stock the pop-up store with a wide selection of new books, cards and games, then tailor the inventory based on response from shoppers. Customers will also be able to special order books and pick them up at the shop.

Droppert said she likes the eclectic mix of restaurants, retailers and art galleries along Pacific, and thinks a bookstore would fit in well.

“(People) want to see some personality back in downtown Bremerton and we want to bring that personality,” she said.

Hours will be 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, beginning Oct. 31. You can check out Liberty Bay Book’s Facebook page for updates, and watch for a full story in the Kitsap Sun.

What was Bremerton’s last bookstore?

We’ve done some digging in our archives trying to determine the name of Bremerton’s last dedicated bookstore, and what year it closed. We’ve come up with a few candidates but no definitive answer yet.

If you have an idea, please drop a comment below or email me at tad.sooter@kitsapsun.com

8 thoughts on “Poulsbo bookstore testing Bremerton location

  1. There were three bookstores downtown in the past 30+ years, one mainstream, one quality paperback store, and one high-class used and rare bookstore run by Nancy Filler.

  2. For new books… That would be whenever Waldenbooks (or B Dalton) on Pacific closed. (They we where the park is now along the Yard fence… Though the building burned in the late 90’s.)

    For used books, I closed Interim Books in 2001, but there was another on 4th and one over in Manette that held on for a few more years.

    1. A 1985 yellow pages lists a B. Dalton at 213 Pacific, where the park is now. It also lists Harbour Books at 322 Pacific and Interim Books on 4th.

  3. Hooray! As a book lover and soon-to-be resident, I’m looking forward to stopping by and doing my part to support Liberty Bay so it can justify making its addition permanent!

  4. Can’t believe I forgot about Harbour.

    Harbor closed… In the early/mid 90’s if I remember correctly. There was a skateboard shop there for a couple of years, and then Nancy and I moved Interim from 4th to Harbour’s old location around ’98 or so.

    There was also a new bookstore about where Starbuck’s is today. Closed in the mid/late 90’s when they tore down the building to make way for Sinclair Landing and the new ferry terminal. Can’t remember the name, but Tom (one of the employees) worked for me at Interim for a couple of years.

    I’m getting old or something, should have remembered all this.

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