Kitsap County ranks 17th in per-capita pot sales

The recreational marijuana industry has a strong foothold in Kitsap County, with seven retail stores up and running.

But when it comes to buying legal pot, Kitsap residents aren’t as active as some of their Washington neighbors.

Kitsap ranks 17th among Washington counties for per-capita marijuana sales, according to a report released by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (PDF of the report here). The institute looked at recreational marijuana sales made from July 2014 through June 2015.

Klickitat had the highest per-capita pot sales during that period, followed by Clark and Jefferson. The report noted these counties have relatively few marijuana retailers (three, seven and two, respectively).

Clark was by far the most lucrative location for retailers, with stores reporting an average of $3.5 million in gross revenue. By comparison, King County retailers averaged $1.4 million, and Kitsap retailers averaged $818,000.

It’s worth remembering that it took quite a while for retailers to get licensed in some areas. Mason County, which ranked 28th in per-capita sales, didn’t get its first marijuana shop until early this year.

Naturally, counties with large populations ranked highest in total marijuana sales. King led the way with $48 million in gross sales. Kitsap ranked 8th with just under $5 million.

Here’s a sortable table showing total sales, sales per capita, average sales per retailer and the number of retailers in Washington counties from July 2014 through June 2015 (excluding the nine counties that didn’t report any sales):

Check out the graphic below for even more marijuana sales trends:

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