Port puts prime Bremerton waterfront parcel on market


port.propertyA “for sale” sign went up last week at a coveted waterfront property overlooking Bremerton Marina.

The 1.6-acre parcel, owned by the Port of Bremerton, was listed by CBRE for $5 million. The land is also available for lease.

The port bought the property from Kitsap Consolidated Housing Authority in 2009 for $3.5 million.

The hillside parcel provides parking for marina tenants and the port turns a profit renting additional parking stalls. But with views of Sinclair Inlet and easy access to the ferry, the property has long been ogled by developers as a potential site for a hotel, apartments or condos.

Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent made her preference clear in an interview last fall.

“I’m hoping we can have a third hotel,” Lent said. “Because of our expanded conference center, and the vitality of our city, we could accommodate another hotel.”

The trick for the port will be finding a way to lease or sell the land while maintaining parking for the growing number of marina tenants. Boaters use about half of the 120 parking spaces in the busy summer months.

6 thoughts on “Port puts prime Bremerton waterfront parcel on market

  1. What that part of Bremerton needs is MORE below street level parking for the MARINA!!

    If the Marina wants to attract “live-aboards” to lease boat slips, then at least one parking space per slip needs to be provided as part of the lease for each slip. (And the option needs to be available for up to two spaces per slip.

    Live-aboards need to be able to get out on the roads for shopping, work doctors, etc. And below street parking can be hidden under the hotels and businesses so it is not “unsightly.”

    Otherwise the Port will lose those customers for the Marina.

  2. I hope no special tax breaks are provided for whatever development is proposed. The residents of Bremerton need the Harborside District to start paying the same rate of property tax as those in other areas outside of the electeds favored area.

  3. Two things are vital in this sale. One that the Port of Bremerton (PoB) keeps sufficient parking available for tenants and visitors to the Bremerton Marina. It should be the PoB’s own property for parking, not rented, leased or a swap with the city for parking spaces. Swaps and good old boy deals have a tendency to fail at some point in the future and taxpayers always take a bath when that happens. If the property for sale has a multi level parking garage, built by a developer, that is owned by the Port as part of the sale price that might be a good fit.

    The second vital thing is the PoB’s taxpayers are kept in the loop and get a return on our investment in the Port. They are the ones paying the taxes. The Port is not just the city of Bremerton, its Mayor or the its city council. The Port of Bremerton covers much more than the city of Bremerton despite what the name may imply. The politics of years ago forced the PoB into building the Bremerton Marina at great cost to taxpayers, this time politics and politicians need to stand down and let economic common sense, the market and the needs of all of the Ports taxpayers and facilities take precedence.

    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  4. Jane: the people living at the Harborside and 400 condos are paying the going rate for property taxes. They were not included in the multi-family tax exemption.

  5. so we live in the 320 building of Harborside facing the parking lot of said project (south side)….should I try to sell now? will our view be disrupted?…

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