Silverdale Costco prepping for expansion

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Costco is preparing to expand its Silverdale warehouse and relocate the store’s fuel station.

Contractors filed for site development and building permits from the county for the project, and are seeking coverage under state stormwater permits, according to a legal notice published Tuesday.

Costco plans to add 13,300 square feet to the north end of its warehouse, while reconfiguring its receiving bay. The addition will increase the building’s overall footprint to 152,760 square feet, according to plans filed with the county

Costco will also shift its fuel station from the southwest corner of the parking lot to the southeast corner. The old fuel station will be replaced with new parking.

(Click on the image above to see my approximation of Costco’s plans.)

The project is expected to begin at the end of August and be completed by September 2016, according to an application filed with the Department of Ecology.

A store manager has not yet returned a message left this week requesting more detail. Costco is located at 10000 Mickelberry Road.

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9 thoughts on “Silverdale Costco prepping for expansion

  1. Tad:

    For comparison purposes, do you have access to information on the other area Costco stores? What are the sq. ft. sizes of Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Sequim, etc? How about comparable sales? Does Costco release figures for the local stores? Thanks!

    1. Good questions Greg.

      All of the stores you mentioned are right around 150,000 square feet, so Silverdale is pretty comparable.

      Local sales figures sound like a long shot.

  2. Costco store #13 is expanding again.
    Remember when that store shared the building with Lumbermens? You can still see on the floor where the wall between the two businesses was. I wonder what year Lumbermens moved out of Silverdale. In the late 1990s?

    It is also very good news that they are moving the gas pumps away from Mickelberry Road over to the more quiet SE parking area!

  3. This is the fourth major change to the Costco. They added the meat/bakery department, took over the old Lumbermans, added gas stations and now this. Wow. People love their Costco! This place is huge compared to its humble beginnings in the 80s.

    1. Yes diesel will be added. I was raised in bremerton/silverdale area. I live in idaho now. They just added diesel over here

  4. Costco rarely makes mistakes. These people seem to be able to read minds. From a vendor’s perspective, I’ve seen their predictions come true. Uncanny. From a consumer’s view, constantly improving and surprising me with inviting products that reek with value.

    The Silverdale store is laid out oddly for me. I’m used to the conventional Costco layout. My guess is they will reconfigure some areas to be more mainstream.

  5. I will have to get a segway to get around costcoe. Interesting Donald Trump invests in Costcoe along with Microsoft, Amazon, and several other Northwest companies.

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