The priciest Bainbridge home sales of 2014

This waterfront island home sold for $3.3 million. Courtesy photo

Earlier this week I rounded up the 20 most expensive commercial real estate sales of 2014 in Kitsap County.

Today, I’m taking a look at the priciest homes sold last year, based on county assessor’s records.

High-end homes sold at a good clip across Western Washington in 2014, according to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

In Kitsap County, 55 homes sold for more than $1 million. That was up from 47 in 2013.

Now, I could just list the top 20 home most expensive home sales in the county, but they would all be Bainbridge Island properties. In fact, I could list the top 35 most expensive Kitsap homes sold, and they would still all be on the island.

Instead, I’m breaking out the top 10 island homes sold, and following up with the top 10 sold on the peninsula. Details are from public records and online listings:

Top Bainbridge Island Home Sales

Bainbridge Island ranked as the sixth most expensive school district in Western Washington in 2014, with a median single-family home price of $620,000. These were the top island sales:

1. Tolo Road waterfront — $3.3 million

Sale Date: Sept. 19

Location: 4000 Block of Tolo Road, on the west side of the island, across the water from Brownsville.

Description: 1.67-acre waterfront property with moorage; 4,540-square-foot three-bedroom house, built in 2006. (Pictured above). Listing here.

2. Sunrise Drive waterfront — $3.15 million

Sale date: Aug. 5

Location: 14000 Block of Sunrise Drive NE, on the northeast side of the island, just south of Fay Bainbridge Park.

Description: An acre of beachfront facing Puget Sound; four-bedroom house 6,170-square-foot, four bedroom house, built in 2000. Listing here.

3. Pleasant Beach waterfront — $2.89 million

Sale date: June 6

Location: 3000 Block of Pleasant Beach Drive NE, on Rich Passage at the south end of the island

Description: Less than an acre of low-bank waterfront with moorage; 5,370-square foot, four bedroom house, built in 2005. Listing here.

4. Allens Cove waterfront — $2.6 million

Sale date: July 29

Location: Allens Cove Lane NE, off Euclid Avenue on the south side of Port Madison Bay

Description: Less than an acre on the bay with dock access; 5,000-square-foot, three-bedroom house, built in 2004. Listing here.

5. Rockaway Beach waterfront — $2.35 million

Sale date: Feb. 24

Location: 4000 Block of Rockaway Beach Road NE, facing Seattle, south of Eagle Harbor

Description: A quarter-acre of low bank waterfront; 3,500-foot, three bedroom house, built in 2004. Listing here.

6. Manzanita waterfront — $2.21 million

Sale date: Nov. 4

Location: 12000 Block of Manzanita Road NE, on the west side of the island, north of Manzanita Bay

Description: 1.4-acres of low bank waterfront with moorage and boathouse; 4,000-square-foot, two-bedroom house, built in 1968, with additional 1933 cottage.  Listing here.

7. Pleasant Beach waterfront — $2 million

Sale date: March 19

Location: 3000 Block of Pleasant Beach Drive NE, on Rich Passage at the south end of the island.

Description: Less than an acre of low-bank waterfront; 4,020-square-foot, four-bedroom house, built in 1983. Listing here.

8. Battle Point waterfront — $2 million

Sale date: July 1

Location: 10000 Block of Olallie Lane NE, on the west side of Bainbridge, across the water from Brownsville.

Description: 3.2 acres of waterfront; 5,800-square-feet of living space, built in 1960s.

9. Wing Point water view — $1.85 million

Sale date: July 15

Location: 11000 Block of NE Wing Point Way, on the north side of Eagle Harbor, east of the ferry terminal

Description: One-third acre with water views; 4,000-square-foot, three-bedroom house built in 2007. Listing here.

10. Manzanita waterfront — $1.8 million

Sale date: Dec. 9

Location: 6000 Block of NE Bergman Road, on Manzanita Bay, on the west side of the island

Description: Less than an acre of waterfront with dock; 5,550-square-foot, three-bedroom house built in 2014 . Listing here.

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