‘Create-and-bake’ pizza store opens on Sedgwick

10622941_718641408184712_452561601081238653_nA new Port Orchard store is putting a gourmet spin on the “take-and-bake” pizza model.

Mama Looney’s Gourmet Pizza opened earlier this month in the Sedgwick Landing center, near the corner of Sedgwick and Sidney Road. The founder is Ronda Looney, who owns Cafe Soleil in the same development.

Looney said she noticed the popularity of a certain take-out pizza franchise, and decided she could use a similar model with upgraded ingredients.

“We’re a step up beyond the other take-and-bake companies,” she said.

Customers can build their own pizza or choose from some of the shop’s standards. The menu includes classics like Hawaiians and supremes, as well as “gourmet” recipes like a gorgonzola pear and BBQ barbacoa pork.

Mama Looneys also has take-out pasta and salads. Looney said the store may eventually bake pizzas in-house.

The shop opened quietly, but Looney said business is growing as word spreads.

“We’re getting our name out there,” she said. “Every day it’s picking up a little bit.”

See the Mama Looney’s website or page on Facebook for more information.

2 thoughts on “‘Create-and-bake’ pizza store opens on Sedgwick

  1. I tried the pizza at Mama Looney’s. Was not impressed at all. over priced for the size of pizza and the crust was very salty. I think that they have long ways to to to compete with the other “take n bake”.

    1. Melinda, I’m sorry that we did not meet your standards. We use only fresh natural ingredients, no processed cheese in our store. I wish you would have taken the time to contact me personally so that I could of tried to make this a better experience. I can’t imagine why you would think it was salty unless maybe you had the Greek Pizza. That comes with Kalamata Olives and Feta cheese (both of which are a little salty) . As a small business owner, just starting out I want to hear directly from people, get their opinions, suggestions etc. I want to make it the best possible for every customer. The pricing comes from the fact that I do not use processed foods, I only use fresh natural ingredients which comes at slightly higher prices. I hope that one day you will try us again. Or at least call me so that I can hear it directly from you what you didn’t like and what you had. Sincerely Ronda Looney

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