The Four Swallows Restaurant closes on Bainbridge

The Four Swallows Restaurant, an institution on Bainbridge Island’s Madison Avenue, has closed.

Owners of the 26-year-old establishment were unable to secure a new lease agreement, according to a note on the restaurant’s Facebook page posted by owners Michael Sharp and Geraldine Ferraro.

“We intend to continue in some capacity in the future,” the note said.

The restaurant’s landlords were surprised by the sudden closure. Eric Fredricks, managing partner of Madison Avenue Real Estate, said the lease on the building isn’t up until the end of the year.

Fredricks said it was unclear why The Four Swallows owners didn’t agree to a new lease.

“We don’t know what it was that made them not want to stay,” Fredricks said. “… they’re good people, we love their food, and we wish them well.”

Fredricks said the company hopes to find another restaurant to occupy the quaint farmhouse on Madison. The William Grow house was built in 1889.

The Four Swallows property and adjacent Bainbridge Pavilion are up for sale.

The restaurant earned consistently high marks for its Italian-influenced menu, local ingredients and elegant setting. The Seattle Times recommended The Four Swallows as a “genteel spot for a casual dinner or a special occasion that’s even worth a trip across Puget Sound.”

The full Facebook note from The Four Swallows is posted below:

To our beloved community and patrons, 
we regretfully announce that as of today 10/22/2014 we are closing the Four Swallows Restaurant at our current location. 

We did not come to this decision lightly. We worked diligently to secure a new lease, but unfortunately we were unable to come to an agreement with our landlords. We are working on our 26th year in business on Bainbridge Island, we have enjoyed every moment with our faithful long time guests, and staff who have become like family to us.

We intend to continue in some capacity in the future. As for this holiday season we will cease business in house, but will offer fine catering in your location. We want to thank everyone who have contributed in making our restaurant a complete success and a wonderful place we are proud to call home.

We apologize to those who currently have reservations that we will not be able to accommodate. We are so sorry for lack of notice and inconvenience.

To contact us with information, catering requests, questions, or messages for Mike and Gerry please E-mail us at

Michael Sharp
Geraldine Ferraro
and staff

5 thoughts on “The Four Swallows Restaurant closes on Bainbridge

  1. We love your restaurant, it is what fine dining should be. Please keep us on your mailing list, we look forward to your new location. Good Luck !

  2. This article reads like the leasors were surprised they didn’t renew the lease and the leasees are quitting. Why can’t the Sun report what really happened?

    1. We can only report what we know, and this is what we know so far. The restaurant owners have not responded to a request for additional details.

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