Kitsap marijuana sales off to modest start

Crockpot6_7542034_ver1.0_640_480The marijuana industry in Kitsap is just getting started.

That fact was underscored this week by recreational marijuana revenue numbers released by the Liquor Control Board.

Marijuana01_6661026_ver1.0_640_480There were three marijuana businesses up-and-running in the county long enough to report sales to the state. Those three businesses combined for $392,398 in sales from July through the start of October.

Two producer/processors, Nine Point Growth Industries of Bremerton and Green Apple of Silverdale, accounted for $234,346 of that total. Crockpot, a retail outlet in Port Orchard, reported $158,052 for August, September and October.

The state collected $98,101 in excise tax from those three businesses.

Sales should pick up as the so-far sporadic marijuana supply becomes more robust. Two new marijuana stores also opened this month, and a third marijuana producer/processor recently came online.

HWY420PotShop02_8751235_ver1.0_640_480-1Early marijuana sales were a mixed bag across the state. The Associated Press reported the state’s top two retailers were both in the Vancouver area (conveniently close to Portland). One of those shops reported $1.7 million in sales.

According to the AP, the state hopes releasing the numbers will  provide more financial transparency and prevent money laundering in the industry. It allows a bank or credit union to check for discrepancies between the revenue marijuana businesses’ report to the state and the money funneled through their bank accounts.

Financial institutions remain leery of working with marijuana businesses, despite having received conditional approval from the federal government. Many of the federal conditions involve monitoring marijuana business activity for signs of fraud.

Along with revenue numbers, the liquor board also released a list of warnings and fines it has issued to marijuana businesses so far. No Kitsap marijuana companies were listed.

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