IHOP restaurant planned for Silverdale

Silverdale diners will soon have another breakfast option.

blog.ihop.logoAn IHOP restaurant is expected to open on Bucklin Hill Road in September.

Franchise owner Mohammad Khadar will close his restaurant on Wheaton Way in Bremerton a week prior to the move. He plans to relocate staff to Silverdale.

Khadar, a Mukilteo businessman who operates 12 IHOP locations in the Northwest, said he’s had his eye on the Silverdale market.

“All the action is there, all the activity,” he said.

The county approved a building permit this month to allow the restaurant to move to a 5,000-square-foot space at 3150 Bucklin Hill Road. The IHOP will join Little Caesars in a recently-constructed retail building just east of Silverdale Way, across the street from Hop Jacks.

There are roughly 1,600 IHOP franchises across the country.

This post was updated to include information from the franchise owner.

5 thoughts on “IHOP restaurant planned for Silverdale

  1. The decision to close iHope in East Bremerton likely has little to do with city hall and EVERYTHING to do with the fact the place was horribly run.

    Every time I drove by, morning, afternoon or evening, there were rarely more than a few cars there. Everyone I know who has gone there in the recent past has said that the food and service were both sub-par, if not flat out bad, and that they would not go back.

    Last I checked, the mayor’s office nor city hall were in charge of hiring or supervising managers of the businesses in the area.

  2. Good to know that I’ll have to drive an extra few miles now if I decide to go there instead of Denny’s. Bremerton seems to suck when it comes to businesses.

  3. Really humming? What kind of businesses are you looking for? Because I find there are many restaurants and boutique shops that suit pretty much everything I want in town. I don’t remember the last time I went to Silverdale to eat unless it was with friends or to shop at the mall.

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