Zero Gravity Athletics finds new home in Silverdale

239379_t607Zero Gravity Athletics is setting up shop in Silverdale, after an eviction forced the gym out of Poulsbo earlier this month.

Owner Kenda Moreno said the business is relocating to a 15,000-square-foot space at 2789 NW Randall Way. She wanted to keep the gym in North Kitsap, but wasn’t able to secure a lease she said. Her main priority was getting the doors open again. The competitive gymnastics season is already underway.

“Our kids are excited,” Moreno said. “And hopefully we’ll get some new Silverdale clients.”

Zero Gravity’s teams are already practicing in the new location. Classes will resume Dec. 1. North Kitsap School District is no longer contracting with the gym for facilities for its gymnastics programs, Moreno said.

Zero Gravity is sharing a complex with Castle Megastore – an adult “boutique.” Moreno admits the pairing isn’t ideal, but she was left with few options and believes the new location will be successful.

For updates, see the Zero Gravity page on Facebook.



4 thoughts on “Zero Gravity Athletics finds new home in Silverdale

  1. where the hell is the common sense…dropping little kids off in front of a porn store………….what parent is gonna think about that even for a second. my gosh

  2. Kevin, my thoughts exactly. I am glad the mattress ranch moved, that too was a strange combination, although the mattress ranch was there first.
    Its too bad that was the option available for “Zero Gravity”

  3. Yay for Kenda and Zero Gravity! What a great job she does working with kids of all ages and special needs kids are welcome there also! I never “drop off” my kids outside of anyplace in Silverdale. I walk them in as I will walk them in when classes start here again. So glad for the opportunities Zero Gravity provides to responsible parents and their children!

  4. Good for Kenda.

    As far as the adult store goes, chances are that if you don’t make it a big deal, your kids won’t either. Every awkward moment in life is an opportunity to educate. Better that it comes for an open-minded parent than anyone else. The more taboo you make it, the more exciting and interesting it becomes for the kids. Most of the little princesses will probably be upset by the fact that they can’t go in a store called Castles. Everyone else will get over it.

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