Archbishop Murphy coach thanks Olympic for ‘integrity’

Archbishop Murphy football coach Jerry Jensen has a message for Olympic’s football team — thanks.

Archbishop Murphy hasn’t played a football game since Week 3 as four teams have opted to forfeit against the Wildcats, citing player safety and competitive disadvantage concerns. That number of forfeiting teams rose to five this week. According to Jensen, Cedarcrest informed him it would not be taking the field against the Wildcats on Oct. 28

That leaves Olympic as Archbishop Murphy’s final regular season game on Oct. 21 in Everett.

Olympic athletic director Nate Andrews said last week the Trojans would honor their commitment to play the game.

“Thank god that staff and that community has a little bit of integrity,” Jensen said.

Jensen is obviously frustrated with the fact his team will only play four regular season games this fall. He’s frustrated his seniors, who were freshmen when Jensen became Archbishop Murphy’s head coach, have spent a majority of their Friday nights practicing or watching other teams play. Jensen is frustrated the Wildcats will head into the postseason looking to win their first Class 2A state title having only played only one game in seven weeks time.

“I couldn’t have have imagined it in 1,000 years,” Jensen said of the forfeits. “I would have bet my life against it.”

Note: The Kitsap Sun is working on a story previewing the Olympic-Archbishop Murphy game. That story will be published next week.


4 thoughts on “Archbishop Murphy coach thanks Olympic for ‘integrity’

  1. Actually is is Archbishop Murphy who appears to lack “integrity” with such a backhanded public statement.

    The districts that withdrew did so because that is what they needed to do. There should be no shaming in that. NONE, Mr. Jensen. Where is your spirit of support, goodwill and forgiveness? Lost among your supposed “integrity”?

    Best of luck to Olympic for the coming game. Your surrounding community supports you!

    1. How can you really be on the side of the teams that forfiet? They are teaching these young men that it’s ok to just quit. If they a scared that they my get hurt playing in a football game then they should have been cheer leaders. They can get hurt at football practice by A smaller lighter player. Just because the player are bigger has nothing to do with getting hurt. If coach teaches them how hit and tackle right they won’t get hurt. I played football at 135 lb and I went up against guys that where 250 lbs I never got hurt but yes I did hurt a lot of other players so don’t tell me that size is so important. You didn’t play the game and you know nothing about the game. In my day if my coach heard us say something about how big the other team was he would ask us if we where football player or did he need to get us some Pom-Pom so we can go be with the cheer leaders. He made me a better man and to never be afraid of someone just because of there size.

  2. ‘Integrity’ That is rich. From a school that isn’t bound by geography when recruiting football players. The only thing required is the tuition, or they get ‘scholarships’

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