Central Kitsap, Olympic tennis teams doomed to roam the land

The Central Kitsap and Olympic girls tennis teams were designated homeless on Friday.

That’s when athletic directors Bill Baxter (CK) and Nate Andrews (Oly) declared the county-owned tennis court adjacent to Olympic High School unsafe to play on.

The tipping point came Thursday as Bellarmine Prep refused to come to East Bremerton to play CK, Andrews said.

“We’re not going out there until the county and the district does it right,” Andrews said.

The biggest issue with the court — besides ripped nets and cracked surfaces — is the court hasn’t been properly pressure washed and the surface is slick.

CK and Oly will use Lions Park and the Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Club. All matches will have to be played away until the court is fixed.

Though the court is county owned, the district is allowed to do maintenance on it.

Andrews said the court is due to be resurfaced this summer. First several trees around court have to be removed so it’s not in constant shade.

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