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3 thoughts on “A Crystal ‘Volley’ Ball

  1. I just can’t understand the lack of respect the NK Volleyball team gets from the Kitsap Sun blog. They crushed Olympic in their first match and beat them soundly in their second. Handily beat Central Kitsap, and walloped one Varsity team 25-0(!!). Yet not much coverage here other than a passing mention that they are ranked 5th in state (!) and heading to sub-districts.
    In this latest Prep Blog, mention is made of three (!) CK players, with nothing about anyone from NK? How about Sophomore Sarah Baugh leading the league in kills despite setting half the time, and near the top in assists despite hitting half the time- would she be a sensation if she played at CK? How about Taylor Ottomono ranking second in the league in hitting and has been near the top for her team in hitting for three years- would she notable if she played for Olympic! Let’s not forget Brianna Bohl serving 24 serves in a row (!) in a single game to help beat a Varsity HS team 25-0 (!!)- would that be amazing if she played for CK or Oly?
    How about the great coaching job Tim French is doing, including having enough confidence in his players to start 3 sophomores and 1 Junior. Let’s also not forget the fact that this team has won 39 out of 41 games (95%) during their 13-0 run! Have you called him to get his thoughts on the sub-district game?
    Come on, you can do better than this.

  2. Um, not sure what you mean by not mentioning NK volleyball on the blog. They are ranked No. 1 in the West Sound Power Poll as well. I also had NK as the pre-season favorite for our preview at the start of the season. Yes, we chose to feature a story on Bremerton and its new coach at the beginning of the year, but that’s because NK would have a great season and receive plenty of stories.
    The Vikings have been highlighted numerous times on the blog, take a look:





    I also wrote a story about Taylor Ottomano, which you can find on the web site as well. I can see NK going deep into the playoffs, which means they will get covered more — that’s status quo for covering high school teams. And coach Tim French has been very dedicated in his stats, so they are posted with the leaders in print edition as well as on the blog.

    Annette Griffus
    Kitsap Sun

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