Friday Night Scores

UPDATE (FINAL): Central Kitsap 31, Shelton 0

UPDATE (10:49 p.m.): Port Townsend 62, Cedar Park Christian 6—FINAL

UPDATE (10:17 p.m.): Orting 42, Chimacum 14—FINAL

UPDATE (10:13 p.m.): Timberline 56, Port Angeles 7—FINAL

UPDATE (10:05 p.m.): Sequim 49, Kingston 6—FINAL

UPDATE (9:51 p.m.): Fife 50, Klahowya 0—FINAL

UPDATE (9:48 p.m.): North Mason 42, Steilacoom 22—FINAL

UPDATE (9:30 p.m.): O’Dea 49, Bainbridge 24—FINAL

UPDATE (9:22 p.m.): South Kitsap 15, Bellarmine 7—FINAL

UPDATE (9:04 p.m.): North Mason 35, Steilacoom 15 (end of third quarter)

UPDATE (8:58 p.m.): O’Dea 35, Bainbridge 10 at end of third quarter

UPDATE (8:48 p.m.): Check that — South Kitsap 15, Bellarmine 0 (end of 3rd quarter)

UPDATE (8:46 p.m.): A couple more scores at halftime, Central Kitsap 14, Shelton 0; South Kitsap 8, Bellarmine 0

UPDATE (8:18 p.m.): O’Dea 28, Bainbridge 10. Halftime.

UPDATE (8:13 p.m.): North Mason 22, Steilacoom 8. Halftime.

Here we go with Week 6. We already have a final as Olympic beat Yelm, 34-13, at Silverdale Stadium in the early game of a doubleheader — CK hosts Shelton in the late game. The Trojans needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive in the 3A Olympic Western League.

Also, Bainbridge trails O’Dea 21-3 in the first quarter. We’ll be updating this post as we get scores so keep checking back.

22 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores

  1. Not even mention of Klahowya. Time for a new coach yet. Hard for those kids to play their hearts out only to have Coach tell them no point in showing up for Sat. morning practice to review the same mistakes their(directed only at the players) are making. How about taking some responsibility coach? Why are more players quitting every week. It’s not just because they are losing. Klahowya is unfortunately used to that. They won what, 3 games last year and the players didn’t quit. The Sun needs to do an article on how Klahowya players feel about the new coach!

  2. Klahowya Football Team needs to work together I believe the Coach is not the only fault.Those boys need to learn to block,some of the boys that did quit should realize they also quit on there Teamates.Also there is more than one Coach he has assist Coaches.The boys should all pull togther and ask to speak with the Coach and let him know how they feel and what they feel could be done different.These are young men and should act like it!

  3. every one thinks its the coaches fault at klahowya, when really its not. anybody who quit because of him yelling a little bit is just pathetic, how do they expect to have any success at all? they quit and left their teamates hanging. so everyone can just stop blaming it on him, because its not his fault.

  4. Give the coach a break..obviously football mom doesn’t know what she’s talking about.. get a life. If players quit it’s because they are a bunch of quitters..

  5. Would like to chime in on the whole Klayhowya thing…

    My children played under coach prouse when he was at Central K and I have personal knowledge that the lineman loved him while he was coaching our O Line.

    Maybe coach is an acquired taste, but given some time I would bet money that he will have Klahowya headed in the right direction. Not like your coach from before or some A string coach from Chico who thinks he can do better. Yes, we can hear some of the whining from across town. It’s funny how that works! Networking is probably a good term for that one.

    But here are the facts… Parents of seniors and senior players along with a few of the juniors, sophos and maybe even a freshman or two (not sure if K lets freshman play varsity) feel like this is it. There is no tomorrow. When my son was a senior I felt the same way. So they are distraught at the hiring of an outside guy. Sounds like you guys really wanted the Chico A string coach. Pretty sad if you ask me considering Prouse’s exploits on the football field and his experience. Not too mention he is an O Line guy and that is where teams win at the high school level. Look at South and North Mason. It’s all about the O Line which Klahowya seems to not have right now. Plus your O Line guys need to be in the gym during the off season! You don’t get something from nothing! Hard work! So Parents, you can start taking some of the blame yourself for not encouraging your children to get in the gym and work hard.

    Lastly, the cold hard fact… the kids that quit only hurt themselves. They will not see it now (along with the dumb parents), but in a couple of years they will be saying to themselves I should have played. Heck there probably already saying it. I guarantee you this… the coach doesn’t lose games… the kids do! The coach doesn’t go out there on the football field and play! The kids do! I watched your olympic game and thought that the offense looked pretty solid with the plays that were called, so it is definitely the players. Even more important is not having a good sized O Line plus maybe not being very athletic (not sure about this). But those kids have heart and they show up everyday while some of your so called studs decided to quit. Kudos to the parents who will stick it out till the end. Because coach prouse is not a bad coach! And to the rest of your kids that did quit… Great teamwork, great school spirit! And you wonder why you are where you are! Seems like good enough reason to me! So football mom from the above comments… Get a life! Prouse is not going no where so you better get used to it or your kid will be a quiter too I’m guessing. Or did he already quit? As for the underclassmen… You better get online and get your butts in the gym! Recruit your underclassmen classmates and start getting some school spirit! And last of all… God’s speed and don’t forget strength! We’re rooting for you.

    CK parent

  6. Kingston High School NEEDS a new coach. He can’t see passed his pencil. They have some good players that in in WRONG positions.

  7. As a former player, and personal friend, of coach Prouse i can tell you he is a great coach and i owe a great deal of the success i had in my high school years at CK to Prouse. Not only did i learn much from him i enjoyed being around him because he is an overall entertaining guy. As a football coach yelling comes with the territory. You have to learn how to take it and learn from it. These klahowya players need to grow up and understand that its nothing personal; its merely coaching.

  8. I love reading the blogs on the Sun prepbeat because they show the colors of some folks. Everyone is always so brave here with their comments. I find it funny that all of the complaints are being done behind the anonymity of a screen name on this blog!

    This week the moronic brave are attacking coaches. Last week a parent complained because their daughter didn’t get athlete of the week. Next week I bet it is a player that complains about the refs. This is classic stuff from people with no class, no guts, and an outlet to show their true character; well guess what, we know who you are!!!

  9. My Opinion: First of all wasnt Prouse an assisant coach? Second yelling at the kids is fine your right it is a part of football but dropping F bombs and others left and right is not. Consistantly telling players from day one before games even start that they have no heart they dont care they are a waste of time. How would you react if every day you went to work and you were treated like this? If you say you would suck it up you are a liar, These kids have sucked it up but people can only take so much. About calling plays its pretty sad when the players know that the play called by the coach wont work because who he has on the field and coach says run it anyway then yells at them when the play fails. regarding players quitting, Get all the facts straight before you make a comment about these boys, most of them our out because of injuries. As far as getting Chicos A string coach, I dont know whos goal you think that was. All we wanted was a decent coach that would teach these kids a thing or two and not play favortisim to the extent Prouse has. If Prouse is such a great O line guy how come the O line has not “learned” how to be a good O line? Is that the coaches job? To teach them and work with them on improving, CK you can have your GREAT O man back.

  10. To Another football mom: Your idea about the players talking to the coach about their feelings and ideas I think is great if it would work there was a player at the begining of the season who tried that and he was not the only one asked to leave . from what we have seen and heard the kids are not allowed to ask questions they are only to do what they are told. The kids are in fear of retaliation if they speak up. They dont want to be the next one to be asked to leave.

  11. To anotherKSSfan

    Why don’t you get the facts straight… Your own fans are saying that you have people who have quit!!! Not due to injuries. secondly, injuries are a part of the game. And lastly, Coaching football is a dictatorship, not a democracy. The head coach reigns supreme and it is his way or the highway! If your own child does not like it then quit! Or has he already?

    And the last thing… Every coach starts somewhere… Usually as an assistant somewhere prior to becoming a head coach! So go be stupid on your own time! If you question his credentials then read below… He is more than qualified.

    After graduating from Bremerton in 1980, he tried to walk on at Eastern Washington University. After three days of practice, they passed. So he came home and played guard at Olympic College under coach Dick Baird. After two years with the Rangers, he walked on and played a year at Portland State. “When you’re chasing that dream … you got to go where you think you can play,” Prouse said. Prouse uses that story to inspire players. He’s had to use it recently as cuts were handed out at CK’s baseball program, where he’s in is final year as an assistant coach. “I’ll tell kids that story,” Prouse said. “I got cut. I know what it feels like. I know it hurts.” After Portland State, Prouse finished his Biology degree at Washington State in 1986. After that Prouse bounced around — including a four-year stint in the Marine Corps — until he discovered the joys of coaching. Prouse went back to school and earned his master’s in education and his teaching certificate. He was teaching Biology at Olympic High.

    And the rest is history!!!!!!!!!!! He will turn your program around, you just may not be around to enjoy it!!! Have a nice day anotherKSSfan!

  12. I am a Klahowya parent. My children have played sports and do play sports at Klahowya.

    Coach Prouse and his assistants may or may not be good or great or bad coaches.

    A huge problem with football at Klahowya for the last number of years has been lack of substantial numbers turning out. We have not had enough underclassmen turning out (in August!) to field a varsity squad and a JV squad for a complete season. In the one-high-school communities (Sequim, North Mason, etc.) the schools get much better turnouts in August than Klahowya is getting.

    For the 2008-09 season, the Eagle JV team played games with only one or two players on the bench. The JV teams they played against had at least ten, if not 20 players standing on the sideline during JV games.

    The lack of players adds to the injury problem. (Playing tired against the other team’s fresh legs, for example.)

    Now the Eagle team is lucky to have a dozen subs standing on the sideline for a varsity game. This is not a healthy situation. The lack of numbers DID NOT start with Coach Prouse!

    For a final note, Klahowya has not had a large enough O-line for years. Check to see how many of the large boys who should have played for KSS instead played for CK or North Mason. It has (and does) happened!

  13. well fyi this is the first year in awhile that north mason has had a “large line” last year our average weight was 196lbs, not one of us weighed over 225lbs. And none of us should of played for klahowya most of us were belfair born and raised. and as for not enough players showing up NM didnt feild a jv team this year and has about 10 freshmen playing. size doesnt always matter its the work your team does in the off season going to camps, getting in the gym, and working on fundamentals.

  14. NMtackle09 – Your points are all well taken. Off-season work is a major factor in success.

    But no one can deny that the Klahowya students do not turn-out in numbers large enough to field a healthy football team. North Mason this year and last year had a larger turn-out than Klahowya. Same for Kingston with a larger turn-out.

    I believe all the 2A schools in the Olympic League play freshmen.

    Have a great game against Sequim! We will be rooting for you.

  15. Congrats to all the teams that are doing well. As a KSS graduate myself, I thinks worth noting that spirited Klahowya fans have something else to cheer about. Their girl’s soccer team kicks behind.

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