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It’s a Man’s World in the KING-5 Weather Center

Meteoroligist Shannon O’Donnell has been riffed, apparently, by KING-TV, a little more than a year after she came back from San Jose. She found herself on the bottom of the seniority list under Jeff Renner , Rich Marriott, Don Carson , Chris Warren and Nick Allard .

(If you’re scoring, that’s Boys 5, Girls 0 at the Big Fiveski.)

Rumors are that O’Donnell — a Redmond homie who really seemed to have a handle on the convergent zones and weather patterns around Puget Sound, plus a real grasp of the newfangled weather-predictin’ technology — might surface at KOMO, at least for the short haul. That’d certainly boost KOMO’s cred come weather-report time. Let’s hope the rumors pan out.

More later … — MM