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Three Local Youngsters Wrap Up ‘Dreamcoat’ Run

This from my good buddy Amelia Rose Brummel from Chimacum, who’s in the 5th Avenue Theatre‘s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” which wraps up Nov. 1:

“Besides me, there are two kids from your area in the play.  One is Morgan Pullom, who’s 9 and lives in Poulsbo and is a 2nd soprano.  She’s the daughter of Candice Donahue, who’s a professional music theater actor and teacher at Galletta School of Dance.  The other is Paige Lawson, who’s 10, and she’s an alto who lives in Gig Harbor.  Both Morgan and Paige are easy to spot in the show because they’re both at the front of the stage a lot.  I’m an alto group leader and swing, so I play a different part in each show depending on which kid has the day off, so, sometimes I’m up front, and sometimes I’m in the middle, and sometimes I’m in the back!”

Anyway, if you have the chance, you can get tickets through 5thavenue.org or the box office, (206) 625-1900.

And thanks to Amelia for the heads-up on Morgan and Paige. BREAK A LEG, ALL OF YOU !!

More later …  — MM