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Changing Scene auditions for “Summerplay” players

The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest will hold auditions for “Summerplay 2012:  A Festival of New Works” on Tuesday, July 10 at 7pm at The Bremerton Eagles Aerie 192, 205 6th Street, in Bremerton.  Readings from the scripts.  Needed are actors and actresses of all ages and types.  Questions/Information:  360-813-1820 or find us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Changing-Scene-Theatre-Northwest/351590453800.

Changing Scene Returns With Plans for ‘Summerplay’

From the Flamethrower’s Local Theater calendar (conveniently located at kitsapsun.com/entertainment):

Changing Scene
Theatre Northwest

3711 Cartier Dr., Bremerton, (360) 813-1820, changingscenenorthwest.org: The Changing Scene is accepting unproduced one-Act scripts for “Summerplay 2010: A Festival of New Works.” SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS JUNE 1. Electronic submissons preferred in either pdf or doc format, to changingscenenorthwest@hotmail.com. Mail hard-copy submissions to The Changing Scene
Theatre Northwest, 3711 Cartier Dr., Bremerton, WA. 98312. Plays should be no longer than 30 minutes in length. Please note that plays with fewer characters and minimal sets will be more likely selected due to the portable nature of “Summerplay” this year, although all materiel will be considered.

More later …  — MM

Changing Scene Needs a … Change of Scenery

This from our good friends at Changing Scene Theatre Northwest. The first paragraph is good news … the rest, not so much:

“Dear Patrons, Artists past and present, and Friends of The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest,

“The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest will hold an encore performance of their current show, the World premiere of Scott Gibson’s “Six Sour Raspberries,” Saturday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m.

“It is with much sorrow that we report that it is to be the last performance in our little black box space on Highway 303 unless circumstances change significantly.   Many of you have been aware of our struggles to stay open in this difficult economy.  The owner of our building generously helped us the past several months by reducing our rent, which allowed us to continue to weather this financial storm, while the owner searched for tenants who can afford the rent.  We have not been given our 30 days notice yet, but all indications tell us that this is imminent.

“Since we do not have another show ready to rehearse and perform, our best bet at this point is to have a final performance of “Six Sour Raspberries,” an exceptional show that embodies our mission, and a farewell party for anyone who wishes to attend.   Tickets to the performance will be free, as will be the party afterward (if you are involved with another production in the area, please come by after your performance … we would love to see you, and have you spend some time in our little playhouse that could!)   We will ask for any kind donations you wish to make to help support our move to a storage unit in preparation for whatever the future holds for The Changing Scene.   We promise each of you to live up to our name, and make a Change to a new Scene as quickly as we can.   We welcome any leads on new performance spaces any of you may have.

“Thank you all for your continued support!  We are grieving already for the loss of our space that has shown nine original full-length plays, 32 original one-act plays in 7 “Summerplay” productions (plus public readings of countless others), 11 edgy and innovative published works, eight Shakespeare productions, two adaptations of the Classics, two musicals (one original), one original children’s production, two staged reading series, three productions off-site of Shakespeare in the Park, and three productions at The Panda Inn, for a total of 48 productions of over 70 plays since our first production in October of 2002.

“Please come to the performance on Saturday, Sept. 12, and/or the party afterward, and help us celebrate the success of our past and hope for our future!

Thank you,

The Board of Directors of The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest:

Pavlina Morris (Founder, President, Artistic Director)  Involved since incorporation in 2002

Briana Osborne (Vice-President) Involved since “The Taming of the Shrew” in 2005

Darren Hembd (Secretary, Treasurer) Involved since “Twelfth Night” in 2003

Kyle Boynton (Board Member) Involved since “The Taming of the Shrew” in 2005

Rachel Cummings (Board Member) Involved since “Summerplay 2005”

Kenadi Lewis (Board Member) Involved since “As You Like It” in 2006

Jane “Maggi” Brazell (Board Member) Friend of The Changing Scene since 2006

Bill Smith (Board Member on Leave) Involved since “Summerplay 2006”

If you have any leads about a possible new performance space for CSTN, please include them in a comment and we’ll pass them along.

More later …  — MM

Short Plays Receive Readings in Port Townsend

A one-act play produced during Changing Scene Theatre Northwest‘s “Summerplay” festival earlier this summer will receive dramatic readings as part of Key City Public Theatre‘s “Summer Sampler” at 7 p.m. July 30 and 8 p.m. July 31 at the Pope Marine Building, Water and Madison streets in Port Townsend.

Who’s Afraid of George and Alice,” by James Daly, was selected to be produced during the second of two “Summerplay” series, and “Belief,” by David Schoeder, received a dramatic reading during the semifinal eliminations. Both received honorable mention status in Key City’s 2008 One Act Play Competition sponsored by the Port Townsend Arts Commission. Both playwrights are from Port Townsend.

Angela Gilbert will direct the Port Townsend readings, which will feature Terry Campbell, Judith Glass Collins and Christian Elbert (in “Who’s Afraid of George and Alice”) and Mickey McKinney, Zach Nesmith, Don White, Iain Coates, Mason Stan and Elber (in “Belief”).

Admission is pay-what-you-wish. Information:  (360) 379-0195, keycitypublictheatre.org.

More later …  — MM

CSTN to World Premiere “Six Sour Raspberries”

Our friends at Changing Scene Theatre Northwest will be back in action beginning Aug. 20 with the world premiere of Scott Gibson‘s play “Six Sour Raspberries.”

Performances will be at 8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 6 p.m. Sundays through Sept. 5.

CSTN produced Gibson’s suspense thriller “A Trick of the Light” in June 2007. In addition, “Six Sour Raspberries” was performed in an informal reader’s theater format in February 2008 as part of CSTN’s “Winterplay” series of interactive readings and workshops.

Information: (360) 792-8601, changingscenenorthwest.org

More later … — MM

‘Summerplay’ Series II’ Changes Dates

The seven performances of “Summerplay 2009: A Festival of New Works, Series II” will take place over two weeks beginning June 4, according to a dispatch from the Nice Folks at Bremerton’s Changing Scene Theatre Northwest .

Shows will be at 8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through June 13, with a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. June 7.

Plays in this series include “Father and the Cell Phone,” by Port Townsend’s Flip Wingrove ; “That’s What I Love About Art,” by San Diego (not North Carolina, apparently) playwright Craig Abernethy ; “Who’s Afraid of George and Alice,” by Port Townsend’s James C. Daly ; and “Kitchen Sink Drama,” by Seattleite John C. Davenport .

Tickets are $10. The Changing Scene is at 5889 Highway 303 in East Bremerton, just behind the Orowheat Bakery outlet.

Information: (360) 792-8601, changingscenenorthwest.org

More later … — MM

You Be the Critic: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest is staging its annual “Summerplay” festival of new one-act plays in two parts this year, and yours truly is lucky enough to have had a play selected for the third straight year. Along with excellent shows by Seattleites Miryam Gordon and John C. Davenport and parttime Bainbridge Islander (he splits his time with L.A.) Ron Ford, my play “Tiny Little Gods and Big Giant Men” is in the lineup for the first series, to be performed from May 1 to 16, 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights (there are Sunday matinees May 3 and 10, too).

If you go (and you should), here’s my invitation to be a drama critic for a night. Send in an e-mail with your review of all the shows or just mine. You can be serious and provide some genuine criticism and feedback, or you can be snarky and have a lot of fun. Just don’t use any words I couldn’t read aloud in front of my 9-year-old.

We’ll put the reviews you send in up on this here blog and at kitsapsun.com/entertainment. And if we get enough good ones, we’ll run some highlights in a future print edition of Kitsap A&E.

Send your reviews in to mmoore@kitsapsun.com; we’ll put them up on the blog as we go, and collect them for online and print publication.

Information: Changing Scene Theatre Northwest, (360) 792-8601, changingscenenorthwest.org

It’s located at 5889 Highway 303 in East Bremerton, just behind the Orowheat Bakery outlet and tantalizingly close to the Outback Steakhouse. Tickets are $10 — for that you get four plays, and a chance to be a Critic for a Night.

More later … — MM

CSTN’s “Summerplay” Becomes a Two-Parter

The seventh edition of Changing Scene Theatre Northwest’s “Summerplay” festival of orginal one-act plays will expand into two sessions this May and June, according to a note from CSTN artistic director Pavlina Morris.

Two series, consisting of four plays each, have been selected from a field of more than 30 submissions, and will be produced at CSTN’s East Bremerton playhouse, 5889 Highway 303 (behind the Orowheat Bakery outlet).

Series I will run May 1 to 16, with curtains at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sunday matinees May 3 and 10. Plays in Series I include:

“You Don’t Say,” by Miryam Gordon
“Sam and Dotty,” by John C. Davenport
“Tiny Little Gods and Big Giant Men,” by Michael C. Moore
“Doing Lunch,” by Ron Ford

Series II will run June 5 to 20, again with 8 p.m. starts on Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sunday matinees June 7 and 14. Series II plays include:

“That’s What I Love About Art,” by Craig Abernethy
“Father and the Cell Phone,” by Flip Wingrove
“Kitchen Sink Drama,” by John C. Davenport
“Who’s Afraid of George and Alice,” by James C. Daly

The original field of submissions was winnowed down to 14 by CSTN board members. Those plays were performed “readers theater” style” in two sessions March 8 and 22, and actor and audience feedback helped select the eight plays to be produced.

Information: (360) 792-8601, changingscenenorthwest.org

More later … — MM

Plays Set for ‘Summerplay’ Readings

Here are the lineups for the two Sunday evening one-act play readings at Changing Scene Theatre Northwest , 5889 Highway 303 (behind the Orowheat Bakery). The 15 original one-acts survived the first cut of submissions for "Summerplay 2009 : A Festival of New Works," to be produced this summer, and audience and actor reaction will determine which of these plays will move on to the next round of eliminations.

Both evenings start at 7 p.m., and both pack a $5 admission. With seven plays up March 8 and eight more March 15, the readings should offer a lot of variety, plus the opportunity to hear immediate reaction from the playwrights, the actors and other audience members.

March 8 (in no particular order):
"Sam and Dotty" by John C. Davenport
"Chance" by Fedra Yadzi
"That’s What I Love About Art" by Craig Abernethy
"Tiny Little Gods and Big Giant Men" by Michael C. Moore
"Kitchen Sink Drama" by John C. Davenport
"Belief" by David Schroeder
"In The Shade of the Koran" by Ned Condini

March 15:
"Truckstop" by Arthur Reisch
"A Question of Ethics" by Flip Wingrove
"The Enemy" by Shannon Murdoch
"Who’s Afraid of George and Alice" by James Daly
"Before the Holy Temple" by David Brendan Hopes
"Father and the Cell Phone" by Flip Wingrove
"Doing Lunch" by Ron Ford
"You Don’t Say" by Miryam Gordon

The box office will open at 6:30 each night.

These are literally "readings" of the scripts. There will be no blocking, no special lighting, no sound, no effects of any kind. Just actors in chairs, including one for each script to read stage directions.

Readings will be followed by a "talk-back" at the end of the evening to discuss the plays read. CSTN will ask everyone in the room to fill out a short ballot, helping them gauge the audience response to each script.

Information: (360) 792-8601, changingscenenorthwest.org

‘Summerfest’ Readings Need Readers, Input

Here’s your chance to hear readings of more than a dozen new original one-act plays being considered by Changing Scene Theatre Northwest for "Summerplay 2009 : A Festival of New Works" this summer, and even to try out your acting chops by participating in the readings.

Here’s the latest from CSTN, which rolled in via e-mail only minutes ago:

The Changing Scene is hosting readings of new one-act plays that are involved in a competition to appear in Summerplay 2009 this year. The readings are being held on Sunday, March 8 and Sunday, March 15, both at 7 p.m. We still need readers!!! Those of you who participated in Winterfest last year know how much fun these readings, and a chance to discuss the plays (some of the playwrights will be present as well) can be. We are choosing the scripts for Summerplay this year based on audience/actor response, so this is a chance to be a part of the play selection process. We are asking that the readers arrive at The Changing Scene at 5 p.m. to do a read-through of their scripts. We are looking for strong cold readers for these scripts–if you know of anyone else who may be interested, feel free to pass along this email. If you can make it to either day (or both!), please either email us changingscenenorthwest@hotmail.com or call Pavlina on her cell phone (360)710-5440 ASAP. We hope you’ll join us!!!!!!!!!!

More later … — MM