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‘Supernanny’ Wants to Wrangle Your Kids

ABC has announced that the casting team from the reality series “Supernanny” is preparing to invade Washington, looking for families to “star” in Season Six.

The producers are looking for families from every type of background who are ready for “the opportunity of a lifetime — a visit from America’s No. 1 nanny, Jo Frost. In the show, Frost uses her behavioral techniques to teach parents how to control their kids.

Interested moms and dads who need help  with their out-of-control kids — and who think they would look good on television — can apply by calling (323) 904-4680, extension 1025, or e-mailing

Those of you with perfect Stepford Children … never mind.

More later …  — MM

Port Orchard Woman in Top 10 for Spot on ‘Survivor’

A note from our friend Amy Anderson, who we’ve been enjoying in shows at Western Washington Center for the Arts in Port Orchard:

My name is Amy Anderson and I have just been chosen from 2,100 applicants as one of the top 10 to win an audition for the TV show “SURVIVOR.”
I live in Kitsap County, and I would like to get the word out that I need votes to move on in the competition.
The link to vote is: <;vs=Default&amp;play=true&amp;section=videos>
I have also competed in the Port Orchard Idol (third place) at the Bayview Java Deli and have participated in community theater at WWCA — (“Fiddler on the Roof,” “Steel Magnolias,” “A Year with Frog and Toad” and coming soon in “Harvey” and “Guys and Dolls”).
Wouldn’t it be great to see a local person on “Survivor?”
Amy Anderson

More later …  — MM

You Think You’ve Got Problems? How ‘Bout Poor Elizabeth Mitchell?

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell, who’s married to Chris Soldevilla, a regular in the cast of Bainbridge-based improv comedy troupe The Edge, is in the cast for the pilot of a remake of the sci-fi miniseries “V,” which will show on ABC early in 2010.

Oh, like she didn’t already have enough problems on her other show, ABC’s “Lost.” I can’t keep track any more whether she’s one of the ones still trying to get off the island, or if she’s one of the ones trying to get back on, or … it’s complicated. Now she’s got to deal with an alien invasion, too.

Mitchell recently was spied watching her hubby play Randle P. McMurphy in Bainbridge Performing Arts‘ production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

More later … — MM

It’s a Man’s World in the KING-5 Weather Center

Meteoroligist Shannon O’Donnell has been riffed, apparently, by KING-TV, a little more than a year after she came back from San Jose. She found herself on the bottom of the seniority list under Jeff Renner , Rich Marriott, Don Carson , Chris Warren and Nick Allard .

(If you’re scoring, that’s Boys 5, Girls 0 at the Big Fiveski.)

Rumors are that O’Donnell — a Redmond homie who really seemed to have a handle on the convergent zones and weather patterns around Puget Sound, plus a real grasp of the newfangled weather-predictin’ technology — might surface at KOMO, at least for the short haul. That’d certainly boost KOMO’s cred come weather-report time. Let’s hope the rumors pan out.

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Bowling on TV Takes on New Meaning

A note from our friend Dr. Irene Bowling :

October 28, 2008

Dear Family, Friends, and Students,
There will be a segment on Seattle’s King 5 T.V. news airing at 7 p.m. this Wednesday night, Oct. 29 at 7:00 p.m., on our new music education company: SeattleSoundFX.

It is three minutes in length. Out-of-staters can click on to the day after (Thursday a.m.). Click on to Evening Magazine. It will also be aired on Northwest Cable News in Oregon, Idaho, parts of California, and even Alaska at 10 p.m. the same night (Wednesday night).

Bill and I have been working on this project, with the help of many wonderful people, for the last 2.5 years. King 5 news got wind of it and decided to include it in their evening news program! It was taped on June 10. I hope you can all tune in to the show. Please let us know what you think!

Thank you for your interest and care!
Irene Bowling and Bill Pontius (and Kids!)

Dr. Irene Bowling
Bowling Music Studios <>
SeattleSoundFX <>
(360) 692-7419

More later … — MM