Orchard Cancels Saturday Showings of ‘Hurt Locker’

This from our friends at the Orchard Theatre, and well worth reading if you were planning to go out to the cinema this evening (3/20):

Bad news folks. Major equipment failure on the 4:30 showing of “The Hurt Locker” led to the first 2.5 reels spilling onto the floor when the platter stopped taking up film 15 minutes into the movie. The film has been put back on the platter but is now running almost 40 minutes behind. I’ll have to troubleshoot the film in the 7o’clock hour which means running it through, stopping and repairing it when it jumps out of the sprocket holes, and repeating that until I get through the 2.5 reels (approximately 45 minutes) that ended up on the floor. Some of you may remember the last time this happened with “Son of Rambow”. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience but rest assured that I will have it up and running for tomorrow’s show times, 4:30 and 7:00.

More later … — MM

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