DAILY DRIVEL — Does Howie Have Insurance? Call the Banker!

Game-show host ("Deal or No Deal," "Howie Do It") and comedian Howie Mandel , 53, checked into and out of a hospital Tuesday to be checked out for an irregular heartbeat.

Since it apparently turned out to be nothing serious, I wonder if the attending doctor had the wherewithal to point at Howie and ask:

"Pain? … Or no pain? "


I can hardly wait to see talented C&W singer-songwriter Taylor Swift act, which she’ll apparently get the chance to do on an upcoming episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation " (the real, original one, set in Las Vegas, not the two cheesebag spin-offs).

Reports say Swift, 19, will play a "strange teenager." Not exactly a stretch for the country wunderkind , but it’s a start. On that show, it’s a positive any time you don’t have to play dead.

If you recall, I’ve been a fan of Swift since I saw her rock out with Def Leppard on the CMT show "Crossover."


On the subject of young country stars, I heard a bit of an interview with Kellie Pickler on my favorite morning radio show (Bob Rivers and Co. on KZOK). I tried for a long time not to like Pickler, because she emerged from the venal "American Idol" ranks. But I have to admit I like her music, even her twangy voice, and in the interview she came off as really intelligent and — especially — down to earth.

Now I can just sit back a spell and wait for Miranda Lambert to do something, so I can blog about her, too …

More later … — MM

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