Where Are All of Washington’s Funny People ???

The schedule and entrants for this year’s Seattle International Stand-Up Comedy Competition has been announced, and Bremertron’s Admiral Theatre will host the fourth of five Championship Finals events on Nov. 29.

That we already knew. What we didn’t know was who would by vying for sports in those finals.

Now that we do know, I have to ask: "What the … ?" Out of 32 comics who’ll go into the preliminaries, which start Nov. 5, only eight hail from the state of Washington. That’s 25 percent. Entrants are coming from as far away as Boston, Tampa and Washington D.C.

So, where are all of Washington’s funny people? Why doesn’t Seattle’s own stand-up competition have more representation from Seattle?

I know there are funny people in Seattle, and in Washington. I see you every time I go out in public. Granted, a lot of what you’re doing that falls into the category of "funny" is purely inintentional, but still …

Anyway, the field is full of really funny people, folks you might’ve seen on TV already. So you’re going to laugh.

There just won’t be as much local humor as you might expect.

More later … — MM

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