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Chiropractor’s neck adjustment leads to lawsuit

A Kitsap County woman is suing a local chiropractor after a neck adjustment she claims herniated discs in her spine, according to documents filed in Kitsap County Superior Court. 

The woman, who filed the suit in February, is a lawyer and filed it herself. She said in court documents that on Feb. 25, 2008, she was getting treatment for pain in her thigh.

While lying face down, she received an adjustment in which her “head was violently turned,” and she “experienced severe excruciating pain and heard loud cracks,” she claimed.

“Oh my god, what did you do?” she reportedly exclaimed.

The woman said she’s had continuous pain and that she can’t type with her right arm nor work for more than one to two hours. She’s seeking compensation for income lost as a result of not being able to work, medical bills and other damages.

Counsel for the defendants aren’t having it, however.

In court documents filed in June, they’re calling the plaintiff’s claims “frivolous,” and “without reasonable cause.” They say she came into the chiropractor experiencing severe pain to begin with.

They want attorney’s fees should the judge rule in their favor.

The case is ongoing in superior court.