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Lawsuit: North Kitsap grocery store ‘knew of the danger’ motorized cart driver posed

A North Kitsap grocery store “knew of the danger” a motorized cart driver posed when the driver hit a woman putting groceries into her car, a plaintiff alleges in a March lawsuit filed in Kitsap County Superior Court.

The woman struck by the motorized cart driver is suing the grocery store and the cart’s driver, who has since died. The woman claims that on Nov. 17, 2010, she had “just placed a few items into her cart” when the cart driver hit her, pinning her between the cart and her own shopping cart. She apparently suffered injuries to her hops hips, neck, right wrist and left leg.

The grocery store bears fault, the plaintiff says, because the cart’s driver “had previously injured one of the Defendant’s employees within the last year,” by hitting her with a cart.

The plaintiff is asked for damages, reasonable attorney’s fees, interest and other relief “the court deems just and equitable.”