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Trooper Killed in Zillah Fire Trained in Bremerton

This morning we were greeted with the news of a tragic fire that killed three Washington State Patrol employees in Zillah. And it so happens that Trooper Kristopher Sperry, one of those killed, did some of his training in Bremerton.

While all state patrol troopers go through the academy in Shelton, they do “field training” around the state.

Trooper Kristopher Sperry completed his assignment with an FTO in Bremerton prior to graduating from the academy and being assigned to District 3. Here’s his bio, provided by WSP:

“Trooper Kristopher Sperry, 30, was hired in 2008 and graduated with the 97th Trooper Basic Class in June 2010. His hometown was Eureka, MT. While in the Academy received the Top Fitness award as the most physically fit cadet in his class. Sperry was living with the Millers while his own home was being built.”

Along with Sperry, WSP Communications Officer Anne Miller-Hewitt and her husband, Trooper Gary Miller were killed as well.

“Ann and Gary were long-time employees, and were the best of the best,” State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste said in a press release. “We were just getting to know Kristopher, but he had excelled at the Academy and had a very promising future with our agency.”

I might add from the state’s press release this tragic note: “The State Patrol has never lost three employees in a simultaneous event, either on or off-duty.”

The investigation into the fire continues.