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Marijuana Initiative: Signature Gatherers Mobilize in Kitsap

Marijuana legalization advocates have gone to work in Kitsap. Supporters of Initiative 1068 held meetings on Bainbridge, in Poulsbo and in East Bremerton this past week.

Greg Jablonski, one of the chairs of Sensible Washington in Kitsap County, had a turnout of about two dozen people at the Sylvan Way branch of the Kitsap Regional Library. Many who came out Wednesday not only signed petitions, but agreed to collect signatures as well.

Charles Voyce, the other chairman for the campaign in Kitsap County, said he’s passionate about legalizing pot.

“I believe adults should be free to do what they want, within limits,” said Voyce.

Here’s the text of the initiative, per the secretary of state’s Web site:

“This measure would remove state civil and criminal penalties for persons eighteen years or older who cultivate, possess, transport, sell, or use marijuana. Marijuana would no longer be defined as a “controlled substance.” Civil and criminal penalties relating to drug paraphernalia and provisions authorizing seizure or forfeiture of property would not apply to marijuana-related offenses committed by persons eighteen years or older. The measure would retain current restrictions and penalties applicable to persons under eighteen.”

Sensible Washington wants to collect 320,000 signatures by July to provide a cushion for the required 241,000.

“We’re just getting started,” Jablonski said.