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The Navy’s ‘0-0-1-3 Alcohol Use Philosophy’


We got a tip last week in the newsroom that the U.S. Navy, in some way, shape or form, was implementing some sort of new drinking policy for its service members.

Vague, yes. So in an effort to get to the bottom of the story, Ed Friedrich, our military and transportation reporter, made some calls to local public affairs officers. None of them had heard of any such “policy,” being implemented.

I revisited the tipster, who said it had something to do with “0-0-1-3.” And then I consulted Google.

Turns out “0-0-1-3” is not relatively new. I found the “Penny Press,” the newsletter of the USS Abraham Lincoln. And in its March 20, 2009 newsletter — about one month before the Lincoln headed across Puget Sound to Bremerton for maintenance — they talk of this “alcohol use philosophy.”
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Man Gets 3 Years for Throwing Shoe (In Iraq. At the President.)

Here’s a criminal statute we can only hope the Iraqis needn’t use often: “Assaulting a Foreign Leader.”

On Thursday, a three-judge panel found Muntadhar al-Zeidi guilty of that very crime, following what may be the most notorious shoe attack the world has ever known. On Dec. 14, he hurled his size 10s at our former commander-in-chief, George W. Bush, and called him a “dog.” (Photo at left by AP.)

Bush’s reflexes, you may recall, were actually rather catlike, dodging with ease al-Zeidi’s shoe bullets. He also played off the incident brilliantly: “If you want the facts, it’s a size 10 shoe that he threw,” he joked.

Here’s my question: does three years in prison fit the crime?

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Suspect in Pierce County Homicides Held at Bangor

A Fort Lewis solider is being held at the Trident Submarine Base at Bangor for the double homicide of a Parkland couple March 1, numerous media outlets have reported.

The woman, Army Spc. Ivette Gonzalez Davila, 22, is alleged by Pierce County Prosecutors to have killed Timothy and Randi Miller. Prosecutors believe she was mad at Randi Miller because she believed she’d had an affair with her ex-boyfriend.

The army has stepped up to handle the case, rather than let the civilian courts have at it, local media have reported. But doesn’t Fort Lewis have a place to put her while she awaits trial or contemplates a guilty plea?

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Dealers, Beware of Bell Bottoms

Andrew Binion writes:

To impress upon Seattle drug dealers that sailors in town for Seafair won’t be good customers, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service has joined to fray targeting street-level peddlers.

The NCIS presence on the corners and back alleys of Bell Town, Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market, working with Seattle police, garnered a passing mention in a Seattle P-I story that first ran Wednesday on the paper’s Website. The story, available here, is about a alleged crack dealer who keeps finding himself in the funny papers, for one reason or another.

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With Sentencing Over, What Next for Former Chief?

A judge sentenced Naval Base Kitsap’s former command master chief to a sex offender treatment alternative this morning in Kitsap County Superior Court.

But what next for Edward E. Scott?

What about all of the comments on this blog about his military retirement? And how long will a rigorous sex offender treatment program take?

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Former Navy Chief’s Sentencing Delayed

Those curious about the fate of the criminal case involving Naval Base Kitsap’s former Command Master Chief will have to wait.

I spoke with Kitsap County Prosecutors this morning — when Edward E. Scott was supposed to be sentenced after pleading guilty to sex charges — and was told his next court hearing will now be June 11.

Scott has been the subject of much debate on this blog, after being arrested in the early morning hours of March 16 by Bremerton Police detectives.

As the Navy’s highest enlisted man in Kitsap, Scott admitted to chatting over the internet with what he thought was a mother of two children and agreeing to meet with them for sex.

He was actually chatting with an agent with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force — in conjunction with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service — and eventually pleaded guilty to attempted rape and communication with a minor for immoral purposes, both felonies.

And the reason for the delay in sentencing?

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Former Navy Chief Plea: What Should Punishment Be?

Naval Base Kitsap’s former top enlisted man pleaded guilty to attempted child rape Thursday morning in Kitsap County Superior Court.

Arrested by Bremerton Police just more than a month ago, Edward E. Scott, then the Navy’s local Command Master Chief, was caught in a sex sting at a local hotel before dawn March 16.

But what does the guilty plea mean?

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A Simple Search

What turned out to be a simple Google search by my fellow Kitsap Sun reporter, Elaine Helm, was key in bringing together one of today’s front page stories.

Elaine, the military and ferries reporter, had googled the name of a man whom Washington D.C. authorities had just busted for attempted to solicit sex over the internet from underage teens.

His name didn’t turn up immediately; but his father’s did.

In November 2005, Rodger J. Arntt, Sr., was convicted of first-degree child rape. Court reports and a chat with the Kitsap prosecutor on the case, Kelly Montgomery, told us that Arntt Sr.’s son – arrested in D.C. – was also sexually abused by his father.

The statistics of offenders who were abused as children is all too tragic – around 60 percent. We felt this was a critical detail to reporting the story.

Arntt Jr. won’t be making a court appearance until June 8 in U.S. District Court, back in D.C. We’ll keep you posted.